Vibrant colours of the Pushkar Fair

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November 23, 2018

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Pushkar, located in the Ajmer city of Rajasthan (north Indian state) is known for its religious sites and spellbinding locations. It is considered to be the fifth dham (abodes) among Hindu devotees.

Pushkar has so much to explore whether it’s the town, the temples, lakes, people, fair or their culture. The world renowned Pushkar fair that started on November 16 in Rajasthan (north Indian state) is all about culture and eventful activities. It is the largest camel or livestock fair in the country which is annually held in the oldest town of Pushkar, starting from Karthik Ekadashi  (11th lunar day) to Karthik Poornima (Full Moon) according to the Hindu calendar. The eight day long festival invites tourists from across the globe who flock to this town and soak in the riot of vibrant colours and festivities. The fair is all loaded with cultural programmes, folk music and dance, richly adorned camels and other livestock.

Pushkar has many interesting mythological stories with the Hindu legends, therefore a large number of Hindu communities gather to take a holy dip in the temple lake (Pushkar Lake) during this time period. The small town is also known for its Brahma temple which is one of the very few existing temples dedicated to Lord Brahma (Hindu creator God). The marketplace is tightly packed with many stalls and colourful accessories for the buyers of camels and horses. It is a great place for shopaholics with exquisite handicrafts, accessories, traditional clothes.

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The Pushkar fair provides a great platform to the photographers who can capture the beauty of Rajasthan, the activities in the ground of Pushkar Mela (fair), the decorated camels and their proud owners make extremely rare frames. The main attraction of the fair is the camel race, cultural activities like snake dance, kalbelia (a sensual form of folk dance), madari (monkey) dance, and performances by the local people. Starting from the local trade fair by the Marwari community, Pushkar fair has become a very lively and spectacular festival which exhibits the rich culture and varied folklore.

Seeing the heavy flux of tourists during this time, Pushkar offers a variety of staying options ranging from budget-friendly rooms at hotels, heritage mansions to luxury tents where one can experience the true essence of Rajasthan with sand dunes at Thar.


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