Karnataka tourism promoted by new website

To make life easier for tourists looking to enjoy the glory of Karnataka, the website provides a trove of information

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September 2, 2016

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The Gol Gumbaz at Vijayapur, formerly Bijapur, a city in Karnataka with architecture dating back 600 years.

The Gol Gumbaz at Vijayapur, formerly Bijapur, a city in Karnataka with architecture dating back 600 years.

A newly launched website promoting travel in Karnataka brings forward possibilities for tourists and locals alike to explore the southern Indian state.

Heavens of Karnataka, a website created by a team of young minds, was launched on Monday in the Udupi district of Karnataka, in the presence of the district in-charge and Minister of Youth Affairs, Sports and Fisheries, Pramod Madhwaraj.

Detailed information on possible destinations, depending on the type of travel one is looking for -spiritual, adventure and the modern-city – is available on the website along with pictures. This initiative promotes tourism in the state and also briefly outlines the history of the various regions in Karnataka. The site was entirely self-funded and was developed on a paltry budget of 400 Euros. However, as Pramod suggested, there is a need to explore the option of tying up with transport and accommodation providers to sustain revenue for the site while also providing help to travelers accessing the site.

A multitude of options for travelers

Karnataka, a state located in the south-eastern part of India, has a large number of destinations that can be accessed throughout the year. Whether it is the wildlife sanctuary of Bandipur or the royal palaces of Mysore, Karnataka is slowly becoming a choice for tourists.

Meet any foreign tourist backpacking in the country and they insist on visiting Hampi, the ancient city of ruins from the Vijaynagara Empire, with the UNESCO heritage site Virupaksha Temple that is still operational.

Coorg, in the Kodagu district of Karnataka, offers coffee lovers a delight and has a variety of luxury travel options.

Gokarna, a lesser-known beach town that is frequented by world travelers, hosts the scenic Om beach, whose natural coastline is formed in the shape of the word. The waterfalls and forests of Chikmagalur are ideal for nature lovers and solace seekers. And, these are only to name just a few among a lot of options travelers can opt for when travelling to Karnataka.

The Karnataka government hasn’t been as active in promoting tourism as compared to its states such as Kerala and Gujarat. However, the state was recently awarded the “Best State for all season tourism” by Safari India South Asia. With small but significant initiatives like ‘Heavens of Karnataka’, Karnataka will most likely look at living up to be a lucrative travel destination for tourists worldwide.



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