Yercaud: Scenic spot of Salem

Lake town of south India


September 9, 2021

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Yercaud: Scenic spot of Salem

Yercaud hill station in Tamil Nadu is also called as “Ooty of the poor” as it is relatively cheaper to visit and stay (Photo: Micheal)

Yercaud, a quaint lake hill station in Salem district in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, famous for lush green hills and scenic landscapes, is also known for its culture and traditions.

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Tourists visiting Tamil Nadu often tend to stick to the well-known spiritual and cultural heritage sites, but the state has a lot more for visitors, ranging from wildlife parks, virgin beaches and much more. One such unexplored region is the small town of Yercaud, which has gained recognition for its pleasant weather and a lake set in dense forest, it has become an attraction for tourists who are left awed by its raw, natural green landscapes, fog covered hill-tops and a cool breeze.

Yercaud, about 370 km south-west of Chennai, is nestled in Shevaroy hills, at an altitude of 1500 m, is set in a dense reserve forest range. Spread over 12 acres, the lake dominates the town. Vast stretches of orange groves, coffee as well as spice plantations add to the natural splendor of the place. From flora and fauna to a freshness in the air that is rare in most cities today, Yercaud is also called as “Ooty of the poor” as it is relatively cheaper to visit and stay.

“After a long time, I needed break from busy life in New Delhi, so, along with my friends I decided to go on a trip to a hill station but without crowds and which would not be too expensive for any of us. So finally, we settled on Yercaud and I am glad that we actually chose it over other places like Ooty. Watching the entire stretch of unbroken and unending greenery was so soothing to our eyes, coming as we did for the heat and dust-laden New Delhi,” says M Vivek, a content moderator at Tik Tok, who recently visited Yercaud.

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Splendid villages with intangible unique culture

“When we began climbing the nearby hills and reached the top,  we were completely enveloped by beautiful clouds. It was a very refreshing experience for our body as well as mind,” Vivek tells Media India Group.

The Yercaud lake also known as Emerald lake, is surrounded by cloud peaked hills (Photo: Micheal)

The biggest attraction of Yercaud is of course the large, natural lake also called Emerald lake as it is surrounded by wonderful cloud peaked hills and a well-preserved garden on its banks, offering a visual feast to the tourist. Near the lake, Anna Park, with its collection of a wide variety of beautiful flowers, is a must-visit. A short hop of 3 km from here, Kiliyur Falls, where water falls over 100 m, is another thing to do here at Yercaud.

“We almost spent two hours near the lake, did lots of boating with speed boats, but we enjoyed more in Kiliyur Falls where we spent a lot of time swimming. There were no roadside eateries here, but we had carried our own snacks. Undoubtedly this place made our trip perfect,” adds Vivek.

A perfect balance of relaxation and sightseeing

Nestled in the Eastern Ghats, a trip to Yercaud has various elements like spiritual, water sports or light adventure activities like treks. Here are a few places worth a look-see.

Shevaroyan Temple

Shevaroyan temple is situated atop the Sheyaroyan hill at an altitude of 1625 m. This is the highest point in Yercaud hills. The main deity here is Lord Shevaroyan, along with Goddess Kaveri who are worshipped by tribal people of the region.

Tipperary Viewpoint

Tipperary Viewpoint is situated at the southernmost end of Yercaud and from here, on a clear day, the town of Salem, about 8 km away, is clearly visible. Trekking is also a popular activity at this point, which also attracts people for its lovely views of sunrise and sunset. “We reached the Tipperary Viewpoint in the  evening and enjoyed a beautiful view of sunset over Salem town. We also did some trekking activities here,” says Vivek, adding there is a White Elephant Tooth near here, which is believed to be the leftovers of the meteorite fallen to the earth centuries ago.

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Bear’s Cave

Bear’s Cave, situated enroute to the Shevaroyan temple, within a private coffee estate and near the oldest bungalow in Yercaud, is carved out of two huge rocks. This huge cave formation is considered to be home of Indian sloth bears. The main area in the cave is seen to be about 2 m below the ground and it goes much deeper like a tunnel and the locals believe that the path actually leads to the Shevaroyan temple.

Like most rural destinations, Yercaud also has its own special festivals and it best known for the Yercaud summer festival that lasts for a week and is usually held around mid-May, when the plains are scorching hot. The festival has various activities like the flower shows, boat races, cultural and other rural entertainment programmes. “Unfortunately, we went in the last week of April, so we were not able to see Yercaud summer festival, but it is definitely worth a watch,” says Vivek.

Due to its unspoiled and pristine nature, Yercaud is a paradise for nature lovers, trekkers and adventures and those looking for an offbeat trip can definitely put it right on top of their to-do list.

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