Riding with the Royals

A must for tourists visiting Udaipur is a ride on the famous Marwari Horses of Udaipur, a renowned, royal breed of Rajasthan

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August 29, 2016

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Media India Group takes you to Udaipur to experience a unique touristic ride with the famous Marwari horses, a rare breed with a thin body and inward-turning ear tips from the North Western region of India. Historically, Marwari horses used to be royal war horses from the Marwar region of Rajasthan, hence the name Marwari. These horses can survive the harsh weather conditions and can cover long distances.

Currently, in Udaipur, these horses are used for the leisure rides. MIG interviewed Virendra Singh Shaktawat and his wife Ute Tonia, who are managing together Princess Trails, a Marwari horse stud farm in Udaipur. They organise different horse safaris and are eager to develop this unique breed of horse, which has been declared by the Indian government to be on the verge of extinction and which has put a ban on their export. Horse experts believe that they can breed some good Marwari horses, which can then be exported to Europe, where people continue to be passionate about horses and keep them as pets as well.



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