Binh Quoi Village

Experience rural Vietnam

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November 23, 2017

/ By / Ho Chi Minh City

Situated about eight-kilometres from the Ho Chi Minh City, we visited a distinctively rural hamlet known for the quintessential rural Vietnam, the Binh Quoi village.

The laidback setup amidst ponds, small thatched-roof cottages shaded under coconut and palm trees and bamboo waterwheels is a stark contrast to the concrete high rise buildings of the Ho Chi Minh City. The peaceful setting encourages travellers to indulge in fishing, folk games, boating and provides the much-needed respite to wander and beat one with nature. The Binh Quoi village with its natural setup also offers visitors to taste local cuisines cooked in an open kitchen and served as an evening buffet coupled with an idyllic Vietnamese hospitality. A day’s trip to this village for anyone looking to break away from the city’s busy traffic is highly recommended.



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