Colours of India – Issue n°13 – April 2017

A VideoMag by Media India Group


April 18, 2017

/ By / India

Come travel with us and discover India through the April issue of our monthly video magazine – Colours of India. We begin the journey with tram rides in Kolkata in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal. After a ride in Asia’s oldest and India’s only electric tramway, we head to Goa to reel in the festivities of the Shigmo festival, the state’s way of ushering in spring and celebrating a good harvest.

After awakening our senses in this colourful and musical fiesta, we head to the mountains of Himachal Pradesh to unwind in the lap of untouched nature. Our destination is the Chamba district where we trek the hills, walk in the tranquil villages and enjoy some traditional Himachali cuisine. Once we regain our energy, we gear up for an ultimate mountain bicycle race in Uttarakhand where the 3rd edition of the Himalayan MTB challenge took place this year.

After our arduous travels we go back to West Bengal to kindle our taste buds during the festivities revolving around the Bengali New Year, Poila Boishakh, where restaurants entice the locals with themed lunches and dinners by serving traditional delicacies that have been lost in time.



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