Taiwan: Of Temples, Traditions & Thrills – Part 1

From Taipei to Taichung it's time to explore, its time for fun

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May 10, 2017

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Taiwan is a nation well-known for many specialities. It’s the country that manufactures most parts that go into any Apple product, and several big fashion brands like Nike or Uniqlo.

But this island nation has a lot more to offer than that!

MIG TV, took the opportunity to visit this country and discover its very particular traditions mixing tribal, Chinese and Japanese cultures. An 8-day trip criss-crossing the island, from Taipei, the capital, to Tainan, a small city in the south.

In the first part of this video reportage, we will explore the oldest market of Taipei, Yongle, where we will bake some cakes, pray at a Buddhist temple and taste the local tea. We will then head towards Taichung for an exciting programme at Lipaho Land. We finally reach the Sun Moon Lake where we will visit a tribal village before sailing on the largest lake of Taiwan, located in the middle of the hills that dominate the landscape.

Stay tuned on MIG TV for the second part of our trip toward the South of Taiwan.



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