GST and Film Industry of India

In Conversation with C Kalyan and Ravi Kottarakara of FFI

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June 8, 2017

/ By and / Kolkata

The third executive committee meeting of the Film Federation of India (FFI) discussed imperative issues related to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and its recently announced slabs for the film industry.

C Kalyan, the President of FFI and Ravi Kottarakara, the Secretary of FFI and the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce was in conversation with MIG.  Read the full report on GST and film industry here…

While GST was supposed to dissolve all indirect taxes and avoid double taxation, the uniform tax slab announced by the government comes as a nightmare to the small producers and the regional film industry.

With the finance ministers of the states slated to meet the Union Minister, Arun Jaitley on June 11, FFI hopes to attract government attention in favour of the industry that has been longing for its due recognition.



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