Recipe guide to a new and tangy version of kebabs

Malai santra kebabs by The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa


May 3, 2019

/ By and / New Delhi

We are at Chutney Bar+Tandoor¸a pan-Indian restaurant, at the Metropolitan Hotel in New Delhi and learning how to make a unique version of the good old kebabs. They are vegetarian and sweet and sour. With a distinctive orange flavour, the malai santra (orange cream) kebabs melt in the mouth as soon as you eat them. Here is a quick recipe.


  1. Hung curd 300g
  2. Paneer (grated) 100g
  3. Roasted channa powder 50g
  4. Gram masala 10g
  5. Green cardamom powder 5g
  6. Salt to taste
  7. White pepper powder 2g
  8. Orange reduction 20g
  9. Orange marmalade 10g
  10. Desi ghee for cooking 30g


  1. Add spices and chickpea flour in hung yogurt.
  2. Mix well to make paste.
  3. Roll into kebabs (one centimetre round) and stuff them with orange reduction.
  4. Heat desi ghee or clarified butter in a pan and grill the kebabs till golden in colour.
  5. Remove from heat and serve hot with mint chutney or sauce.



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