Shigmo Festival 2017: Goa’s Spring Celebration

Homage to traditions and mythology


April 3, 2017

/ By and / Goa

The western Indian state of Goa welcomes spring through a myriad mix of cultures and traditions, which are on display during the colourful carnival of Shigmo.

Shigmotsav, as it is locally known, is the state’s way of not just ushering spring, but, also celebrating a good harvest.

The mega parade passes through the various streets and hamlets of Goa, bringing a lively fervour through music, dance, drama and other such elaborate festivities.

During the festival, the localities of Goa are abuzz with the beats and chimes of traditional musical instruments like dhol, taasha and tutari. The musicians accompany the dancers and other artists throughout the processions.

Tourists from India and abroad flock in numbers to take part in the festival.



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