Sigiriya: In search of King Ravana’s Palace

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July 27, 2017

/ By / Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

The story of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka is no less dramatic than the much-acclaimed Bollywood flick, Baahubali!

Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, it used to be the royal citadel for 20 years in the 5th century AD. Stark and forbidden, Sigiriya is haunted by an epic drama of murder and betrayal attributed to King Kasyapa, who found hiding here after killing his father more comfortable than facing the wrath of the people who loved the old King Dhatusena more.

He hid in this rock fortress until he met his rival, Prince Mugalan, who had fled to India seeking reinforcements of his army. This castle in the sky, as the Sri Lankans call it, is a massive monolith of red stone that rises 600ft above the ground, and derived its name Lion Rock as the entrance to the summit is between the paws of a lion! However, to truly experience Sigiriya, you have to trek your way up, those who have made the trek will agree that the climb is a lifetime experience.

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