Avaada & Climate group to host 4th Hydrogen Transition Summit

Meeting on sidelines of COP28 on December 7



November 29, 2023

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Avaada & Climate group to host 4th Hydrogen Transition Summit

Green Hydrogen is being touted as an answer to the sharp cuts needed in carbon emissions from energy production and use Avaada's presence at COP28 will focus on advocating for progressive policies that push the boundaries towards self-sufficiency in fuels and energy

On the sidelines of the upcoming climate change summit, COP28 that opens in Dubai this week, Indian clean energy company Avaada Group will host the 4th Hydrogen Transition Summit, in collaboration with the Climate Group.

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With a view to promote clean energy and transition towards green hydrogen, Avaada Group, a frontrunner in the integrated clean energy sector, has joined hands with the Climate Group to host the 4th annual Hydrogen Transition Summit during COP28, the Climate Change Summit that gets underway on November 30 in Dubai.

According to a press statement, the Hydrogen Transition Summit will be held at the Innovation Zone in Dubai on December 7 on the sidelines of COP28. 

The statement adds that through its partnership with the Hydrogen Transition Summit, Avaada Group reinforces its unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solutions. The company says its belief in the transformative potential of green hydrogen aligns with its dedication to supporting initiatives that propel the hydrogen economy forward. 

It adds that this year’s Summit will focus on overcoming the challenges within the hydrogen economy, identifying opportunities, and developing strategies to facilitate the rapid expansion of this critical sector. 

It says that in addition, Avaada Group is set to have a significant presence throughout COP28, marked by various thought leadership engagements. These engagements underscore the Group’s commitment to a just and equitable energy transition, accessible climate finance, and advocating for a global energy transition. 

Avaada’s presence at COP28 will focus on advocating for progressive policies that push the boundaries towards self-sufficiency in fuels and energy, marking a new era of innovation and sustainable development. It adds that it aims to elevate the narrative of a sustainable energy future, with India playing a key role. The envisions India as a global green hydrogen hub and a global leader in sustainable energy solutions. 

COP 28 serves as an opportunity to identify global solutions for limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C, inform countries’ preparations for revised and more ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions or national climate plans due by 2025, accelerate the green transition that is already happening, and ultimately achieve the delivery of the Paris Agreement goals. 

“COP28 represents a crucial juncture for global collaboration and commitment against climate change. As a key player in this dialogue, India stands at the forefront of hydrogen adoption. COP28 and the Hydrogen Transition Summit provide an unparalleled platform to address the various intricacies of climate change and energy transition, which are central to achieving the global aspirations of the Paris Agreement. Energy transition is critical to unlocking progress towards the 1.5-degree goal and is the key to unlocking a sustainable and resilient future,’’ says Chairman Vineet Mittal.

Avaada Group has a presence across the entire spectrum of the energy transition value chain, including the production of Solar Modules, Renewable Power Generation, and the development of Green Hydrogen, Green Methanol, Green Ammonia, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel. It says that it has established itself as a significant player on the global energy stage. 

Avaada Energy, the group’s flagship arm for renewable power generation, is on track to reach 11 GW of installed capacity by 2026. The group recently successfully raised equity and a commitment of USD 1.3 billion, including a USD 1 billion investment from Brookfield’s Energy Transition Fund and USD 300 million from GPSC, PTT Group of Thailand.



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