Asio Tech delivers over 1000 Orion defence systems to Israeli Army

Cutting-edge solutions for mission planning by Israeli defence firm


February 9, 2022

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Asio Tech delivers over 1000 Orion defence systems to Israeli Army

Asio Technology's GIS System is in wide usage in Israeli Army

Israeli defence technology firm Asio Technologies says it has completed the delivery of Orion Systems to Israeli Defence Forces to enhance its mission planning capabilities.

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Asio Technologies, a global leader that has been providing advanced defence technologies to numerous forces in Israel, including Israeli defence ministry and Israeli Defence Forces for nearly two decades, says it has recently completed the delivery of a large order to the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

Asio Technologies focuses on providing top-notch navigation systems, battle management systems, tactful sensors, and highly accurate GIS for manoeuvring forces.

The Israeli defence equipment manufacturer says it has completed the delivery of over 1,000 Orion Systems to IDF. (IDF). Apart from Orion Systems, Asio Technologies has also offered other tactical defence solutions to Israeli forces.

According to a press statement Orion System is rugged and mobile and is used by on-ground soldiers. Moreover, the system uses the Android platform and enables mission planning and situational awareness using its geographical information system and augmented reality capabilities.

Additionally, Asio Tech has stated that it has developed Orio Systems for digital mission planning, using its highly intuitive and interactive interface. The press statement adds that the system provides mission-critical information such as the position of friendly and hostile forces, with real-time updates.

The statement says that the Orion System provides fully integrated tactical combat gear for ground forces. Also, it can link with Asio’s Lynx situational awareness and Rigel strategic smartwatch systems too.

The statement further adds the life-saving capabilities of the system and how it allows ground forces to plan and complete their missions effectively. “We are honoured to complete this delivery and supply the IDF soldiers with a high-end palm-size battle management system that enhances ground-force situational awareness,” says David Harel, CEO, Asio Technologies.

The tech firm states that it has provided innovative and cutting-edge defence solutions to not just the IDF, but many others, in Israel and across the globe.



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