Haryana-based firm enters two-wheeler EV market

Lectrix sets up 100,000 unit plant in Manesar


July 27, 2023

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Haryana-based firm enters two-wheeler EV market

Lectrix says it has tailored the products keeping in mind the youth, its primary target segment

India’s transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs) has so far been led by two-wheelers, with very few electric cars being sold nationwide. Joining the bandwagon of two-wheeler EV manufacturers is Gurgaon-based Lectrix that has launched two models.

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With two electric scooters, aimed at the Gen Z population of India, Gurgaon-based Lectrix has joined the long list of electric two-wheeler makers in India. 

At a press conference held in New Delhi, Lectrix EV, which is the electric mobility arm of SAR Group, an energy services firm, announced the launch of products LXS G3.0 and LXS G2.0 electric scooters, that the company says offer numerous features to enhance safety and comfort of the users.

“We have an annual production capacity of a 100,000 units, which we can produce in our Manesar facility that was set up just two years ago. For the marketing strategy, we have a dual market strategy, wherein we acquire customers through digital mediums and social media platforms like Google, Facebook, and as such. We also reach out to them at their houses and give them test drives. We have set up 100 dealerships across the country,’’ K Vijaya Kumar, MD and CEO of Lectrix EV told Media India Group.

The company says it has tailored the products keeping in mind the youth, its primary target segment. It adds that among these features, there are many first-in-class innovations offered at the affordable and competitive price range of INR 100,000 on where the fulcrum of the EV two wheeler category currently resides. 

“Although India’s two-wheeler segment growth stagnated because of Covid-19 pandemic and various other things in the last two and a half years, the sales in the EV two-wheeler segment are slowly recovering. However, it is still way behind countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand or any Southeast Asian country. The potential of this category is still vast and untapped, and it will keep growing, projected to grow at around 13-14 pc. With the global push to reduce the fuel dependency, a lot of governments have moved on in terms of pushing electric mobility. As per NITI Ayog, nearly 40 pc of mobility is expected to move to electric, for that to happen, nearly 80 pc of transition has to come from the two wheeler segment. And that’s the game-changer, if that happens, already it has reached a million vehicle sales presently, which can go up to 4 millions and onwards by 2030,” added Kumar.

He added that the scooters had numerous features that would appeal to the primary target segment of the company, the youth of India.  “We have made a product which will resonate with the youth, because it is a very well-connected and smart product. It is ‘made for the young Indians’ but still comes with that affordability platform at a particular level where it can be availed by the segment,” said Kumar.

The company added that the LXS G scooters will be available with a 2.3 kw and a 3 kw battery offering a range of over 100 km. Lectrix says it has started accepting pre-bookings with a limited-period introductory offer for the LXS G scooters to start delivering across India by August 16.



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