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July 21, 2017

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Indian Cinema has seen some celebration of friendship

Indian Cinema has seen some celebration of friendship

Cinema in India has celebrated various shades of love and relationships, and friendship is no exception to that.

Mainstream Indian cinema as well some of the alternative has had a flair for striking the emotional chords. Thus, Bollywood big budget films and some smaller movies have also seen the theme of friendship come up time and again. Despite most of these ‘buddy’ films being male centric and dominated by stories of male comraderies, there have also been some movies that celebrate the unshakable bonds of women. We take a look at five such movies that centre around friends and highlighting their respective journeys as it progresses.

Dil Chahta Hai

A movie from the early 2000s, Dil Chahta Hai has been considered somewhat of a must watch. A movie tracing the lives of three friends, it is one of the iconic films where Aamir Khan acted. With an urban focus, showcasing the city life, this movie gained a cult status at the time of its release and also was awarded the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi. Directed by Farhan Akhtar, this film gives a glimpse into how friendships grow and break with complications, with the men facing several dilemmas with the women in their lives.


A movie that broke stereotypical on-screen portrayal of women in India, this award winning movie by Leena Yadav celebrated the power of women’s friendship. “I could never relate to the way women were portrayed on cinema in India – they were always pitted against each other. Hence I took that as an inspiration for this film to be more representative of the nurturing, enriching bonds that I have always shared with my female friends.” Parched showcased how the relations between four women ended up being a catalyst for them liberating themselves from the shackles of daily patriarchy.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara was a movie that was a big success and had a star-studded cast against the backdrop of picturesque cities in mainly Europe and India. As it showcased three friends out in Spain for a ‘bachelor trip’, these friends re-discover priorities and analyse their life decisions whilst indulging in fun activities such as the Tomatina Festival, scuba diving and others. The soundtrack of the movie also became extremely popular. Quotes from the movie are extensively shared as echoes of male friendship and the feeling of camaraderie.

Angry Indian Goddesses

A relatively less commercial movie on the list, yet a film that has found a larger international audience, Angry Indian Goddesses finds a mention for its sensitive and intricate portrayal of friendship among women. The movie, which centers around the getting together of women for one friend’s marriage shows them bonding, collectively expressing anguish and also cheering each other on. As the film progresses and the plot thickens, the ultimate climax of the movie yet emerges as a mark of the strength of the strong relationship that women share. Though the movie turned out also a big critique of the patriarchal Indian society, director Pan Nalin shared, “My primary highlight of the film for it was to make it a ‘buddy film’ of women in India, something which the country has thus far lacked.”

Rock On series

Rock On, a musical drama film that was later followed by a sequel, showcased the intricacies of friendship with the backdrop of the protagonists as part of a college rock band in the beginning and later as coming together on a different stage of life. Showing how fragile friendships can be sometimes whilst also how the love for common things brings people together eventually, Rock On showcased various shades of the essential social relationship.

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