Asian fusion food at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

We tried the Akira Back Restaurant, ABar and ABar Rooftop


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April 12, 2018

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Set amidst the hustle-bustle of Sukhumvit, the Marriott Marquis stands tall and proud amongst other skyscrapers of Bangkok. At ‘Akira Back’ restaurant, perched on the 35th floor of the hotel, we enjoyed the culinary delights of celebrity chef Akira Back. A fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisines with a western touch. The perfect dinner with a perfect view. Discover our ‘must taste’ listed below!

The restaurant is divided into four areas – a dining room, a sushi bar, an omakase bar, and four private dining rooms. The interior architecture and design is very modern and comfortable with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Bangkok’s skyscrapers, providing exquisite views of the city nightscape.

As you step across to the opposite wing from the restaurant, ABar has quite a distinctive ambience to offer. The vibe of the bar is somewhat like that of a 1930’s Victorian-London speakeasy with strong influences from Sherlock Holmes! Classic dark wooden interiors, leather-bound books, lab apparatus and vintage lockers as decor will transport you into a different era and make you feel that perhaps you would spot Sherlock Holmes sipping a drink at the bar…

ABar Rooftop

At the terrace is the ABar Rooftop with a more modern, open-air setting. ABar Rooftop’s drinks menu is solely focused on Gin-based drinks and the bar features one of the largest selections of gins in the city with more than 50 varieties. You can enjoy surreal views of Bangkok’s cityscape while enjoying your G&T’s here.

The restaurant and bar are managed by a passionate Frenchman, Charles-Henri Kaderabek and we decided to follow his recommendation to pick from the menu. Here is a list with complete review of dishes we tried!


Bon appétit!

Every dish is impressive, without a single let down. All dishes reflect the restaurant’s cultural heritage and brand. Chef Akira definitely understands how to put together different flavours in a way that ensures that the sum is greater than its parts.

All in all, Akira Back, ABar and ABar Rooftop was an enthralling experience. Whether it is the ambience, aesthetics, hospitality, food, drinks or service, the restaurant doesn’t compromise on the quality of its product and ensures that every experience leaves diners completely satiated yet asking for more. A definitive addition to Bangkok’s dining scene.

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