Conference on seaplanes and amphibious aviation to be held in Venice

FOSAA conference to redefine air mobility landscape

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February 1, 2024

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Conference on seaplanes and amphibious aviation to be held in Venice

The conference will highlight evolution of air mobility solutions

The inaugural Future Opportunities for Seaplanes and Amphibious Aviation (FOSAA) conference that is being organised in Venice by Quaynote Communications will explore the transformative potential of air mobility.

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In a significant development for the aviation sector, the inaugural Future Opportunities for Seaplanes and Amphibious Aviation (FOSAA) conference is being organised in Venice in Italy, on March 20.

According to a press statement by Quaynote Communications, the conference is being organised in partnership with Arena Group Associates and it will highlight the advancements in evolution of air mobility solutions.

The statement adds that the FOSAA conference, building on the success of its renowned “Future Opportunities For…” series, is set to provide a dedicated platform for the amphibious and seaplane industry. The one-day event will explore the immense potential of this growing sector, emphasizing its attractiveness, efficiency, and environmental friendliness, it says.

Lorna Titley

Lorna Titley

Additionally, the conference will delve into opportunities for integrating regional and local amphibious operations into the global air transport network, providing valuable insights for professionals engaged or interested in the commercial potential of amphibious and seaplane aviation.

“Seaplanes and flying boats make an understated mark on the global aerospace landscape, yet way before the e-VTOL sector began discussing the last mile, these airframes have been flying the last leg in many a voyage whether for tourism, charter, cargo, medevac or many other civil applications. We want the conference to provide an environment where existing and future stakeholders can share knowledge, challenges, and successes and build frameworks that optimize the potential for the industry’s future. So far, the feedback has been more positive than we could have imagined, and there is demand for an event like this,” says Lorna Titley,  Director, Quaynote Communications.

The statement adds that the event arrives amid a crucial period for amphibious aviation, marked by strides in electric propulsion, novel materials, sustainable practices, and growing operator demand for inventive airframe types. The organisers say that sponsors, such as regional zero-emission OEM Jekta, electric seaplane developers Elfly, and Max Pinucci, CEO of MBVision an aviation design studio, author, and professor underscore the sector’s diverse and promising future.

“Keeping customers connected is what we are all about. This event addresses the connectivity issues that face those living around water by exploring how amphibious aviation can add another vital link to the global air transport network. We’re excited to be a part of such an innovative event,” says Stacey Giglio, one of the lead sponsors and VP of Marketing for Satcom Direct.



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