Green Navy set to launch Europe’s first Electro-Hydrogen Catamaran, ‘Prometeo’

Growing demand for eco-friendly propulsion technologies in Maritime sector



May 17, 2024

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Green Navy set to launch Europe’s first Electro-Hydrogen Catamaran, ‘Prometeo’

The maritime industry is increasingly seeking cleaner and more sustainable propulsion options

Green Navy, a French shipmaker, is set to launch ‘Prometeo’, Europe’s first electro-hydrogen propulsion catamaran, in Spring 2025, offering a carbon-free, efficient and environment-friendly maritime transportation solution.

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Reflecting the maritime industry’s increasing demand for sustainable propulsion, Green Navy, a French shipmaker that specialises in eco-friendly ships,  has announced the launch of ‘Prometeo,’ Europe’s first electro-hydrogen propulsion catamaran. In a press statement, Green Navy says that the ‘pioneering vessel aims to revolutionise maritime transportation with a carbon-free, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution’.

In the statement, Green Navy adds that ongoing production of ‘Prometeo’ is being coordinated at the Merré shipyard in Nort-sur-Erdre, with the twin hulls shortly arriving at Chaudronnerie Industrielle De Bretagne (CIB) in Brest.

It adds that the maritime industry is increasingly seeking cleaner and more sustainable propulsion options, with growing demand for eco-friendly transportation.

Green Navy says that it is at the global forefront of the energy transition, pioneering the decarbonisation of maritime transport. The company offers the French maritime administration and class certification organisations, such as Bureau Veritas, a hydrogen concept featuring greater robustness, superior fire safety, detection, and ventilation systems.

Charles Cardi

Charles Cardi

“As a business, Green Navy is focusing on its mission of offering a high-quality turnkey solution to ship-owners and operators so that they can begin the energy transition of their fleet and of their maritime activities, without having to bear the risks associated with investment, choice of partners and design, security matters and administrative steps,” says Charles Cardi, CEO of Green Navy.

“The determination of ship owners and service operators to find solutions to carbon neutrality is super-charging innovation and investment. Professional ship-owners are sharing their operational needs, allowing Green Navy to refine the quantity of energy on board and structure the balance between battery capacity and hydrogen storage to accurately determine the most efficient and cost-effective electro-hydrogen solution for their needs,” he adds.

“The curiosity of ship owners and operators is inspiring. Energy transition is a major subject for them and the IMO objective of reducing emissions by 40 pc by 2030 is on everyone’s minds. It is an ambition shared by all players that form part of this societal issue,” Cardi adds.

“At Green Navy, it is our responsibility to provide functional technical solutions and make their task easier while they focus on running their businesses. Over the past 6 months, we have seen an exponential growth in interest in our ‘Prometeo’ ship and our business model. We have also been contacted by several shipyards and hydrogen ship project leaders, demonstrating a real interest from the entire industry and probing enquiries towards the work carried out by our team. Interest in the successful deployment of electro-hydrogen power to meet strict emissions regulations, public awareness, and the demand for cleaner transportation options is rapidly increasing,” he says.

“We have a clean technology vessel that is carbon-free, with low energy consumption, offering full marine capacity. It is made in France and available at short notice. I encourage forward-looking people throughout the maritime industry to visit us, share our progress, and be part of this exciting voyage.” Cardi added.

The Green Navy’s next showcase will be at Navexpo, a naval show being organised by Le Bureau Naval SAS at the Port of Lorient later this month. This event will champion innovation within the electro-hydrogen environment and attract interest from owners and operators worldwide. According to the statement, Cardi has been invited to present to a specially invited audience on May 30.



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