Eve Air names suppliers for its aircraft

Thales & Honeywell among suppliers for eVTOL aircraft

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January 30, 2024

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Eve Air names suppliers for its aircraft

A model of the eVTOL being developed by Eve Air Mobility

Brazilian electric aircraft company Eve Air Mobility has tied up with four more companies to act as suppliers for the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft being developed by the company.

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Eve Air Mobility, a subsidiary of Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has named four additional suppliers for its electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

In a press statement, the company based in Sao Paulo says that French avionics company Thales will supply a proven air data solution, comprising sensors and a computer while the American company Honeywell will supply guidance, navigation and external lighting for the aircraft. Recaro will supply the eVTOL’s seats and FACC will supply the horizontal and vertical tail including the rudder and elevator.

Johann Bordais

Johann Bordais

“We continue to be on schedule with our master plan and we are building a strong and reputable list of qualified suppliers for our eVTOL aircraft. We have been very deliberate in establishing a long-term working relationship with each of our suppliers. Each agreement covers the aircraft’s life cycle including prototype, production, and aftermarket service and operational support. We look forward to working with Thales, Honeywell, Recaro and FACC as we progress toward entry into service in 2026 and well into the future,” says Johann Bordais, CEO of Eve Air Mobility.

The statement adds that Honeywell will supply guidance and navigation products including magnetometers, GPS-aided attitude & heading reference systems, and inertial reference systems built upon decades of engineering and manufacturing experience. These systems will relay and aid the pilots and other onboard systems to ensure safe and efficient flight. The company will also supply external lighting for the aircraft.

It says that Thales will supply a proven air data solution, comprising sensors and computer, which gather critical data such as airspeed, altitude and environmental conditions. The solution then relays the information to pilots and onboard systems to ensure safe and efficient flight in all weather conditions.

Eve Air Mobility says that Recaro, a global supplier of premium aircraft seats for airlines, OEMs and eVTOL aircraft, was selected to design, certify and produce the four passenger seats and one pilot seat for the aircraft. It adds that Recaro is widely recognised for product innovation, award-winning customer service and commitment to reliability, efficiency and sustainable practices.

FACC was selected to lead the development and production of eVTOL’s horizontal and vertical tail, including its rudder, elevator and the aircraft’s aileron, says the company, adding that FACC is recognised for its production of lightweight components relying on innovative manufacturing techniques and technology.

These new suppliers are in addition to Garmin, Liebherr Aerospace and Intergalactic that were announced in October and Nidec Aerospace, a joint venture between Japan’s Nidec Corporation and Brazil’s Embraer, BAE Systems and DUC Hélices Propellers which were announced at the Paris Air Show this past summer.

Eve’s eVTOL aircraft utilises a lift+cruise configuration with eight dedicated propellers for vertical flight and fixed wings to fly on cruise, with no change in the position of these components during flight. The latest concept includes an electric pusher powered by dual electric motors that provide propulsion redundancy while ensuring high performance and safety. While offering numerous advantages including lower cost of operation, fewer parts, optimised structures and systems, it has been developed to offer efficient thrust with low sound.

In July, the company announced that its first eVTOL production facility will be located in the city of Taubaté, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The company has begun assembly of its first full-scale eVTOL prototype which will be followed by a test campaign in 2024. Eve’s eVTOL is scheduled to begin deliveries and enter into service in 2026.

Concurrently, Eve continues to develop a comprehensive portfolio of agnostic service and operations solutions, including a unique Urban Air Traffic Management (Urban ATM) software to optimize and scale Urban Air Mobility operations worldwide.



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