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June 7, 2016

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While browsing through few ecommerce websites, apart from some common elements like products, categories, shopping cart, checkout, home page, contact page and about us page, I noticed a striking feature in common; Mobile Apps of Brands and special discount on apps.

According to Capgemini report, 40 per cent of all online retail sales in the UK is directly coming from mobile. Any serious ecommerce player knows the value of having a mobile friendly website.

Etailer are now diverting their mobile strategy to a different level up by developing apps to provide their users a real committed shopping experience. Those days will be no more when websites will be the only medium as companies are making their way to app only experience.

One of the leading Indian ecommerce companies Flipkart has announced its plan to shut down the website in a year and make all transition to a mobile app. Myntra, which was acquired by Flipkart last year has already done that.
This can be the turning point in the industry and many conversations have sparked whether this decision will lead to a drop in sales and what will be the reactions from Flipkart customers. However this smart move is clearly highlighting that we are looking beyond the era of sites.

Some also think that end users should have right and freedom to shop as per their wish and the way they like. High drop off rates may occur by forcing them to download an app and they may turn to competitive sites that offer a more flexible user experience. If the customer isn’t getting something valuable why should they shop only for your product by consuming data, phone memory?

The Benefits of mobile apps for Retailers:

  • Increased versatility
  • Meeting cross channel customer demands
  • Personalizing the shopping experience and boosting customer loyalty
  • Facilitating payments and check-out
  • How mobile apps are fueling sales?
  • Seamless connect with consumer- If your mobile has network, you can shop from anywhere. Maybe if something strike to you in washroom!
  • Push notifications for attracting customers – Never let your customers forget you as you know apart from basic necessities of food, clothes and housing, mobile has become the fourth necessity.

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