Minecraft crosses landmark of one trillion views

Sandbox genre game hits popularity jackpot

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December 17, 2021

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Minecraft crosses landmark of one trillion views

YouTube celebrating one trillion views of Mincraft content

Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios, a subsidiary of Xbox, the gaming division of software giant Microsoft. Since its release in 2010, content creators from around the world have been creating various forms of videos relating to the game and uploading them on YouTube. On December 15, 2021, views on YouTube relating to the game crossed the one trillion mark collectively.

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With a whole lot of development in technology especially in the gaming sector, it is hard to think that a pixelated game, dating back to over a decade ago, offering cuboidal blocks as building pieces could be popular among gamers today. However, Minecraft is one such game that has gained utmost popularity among the players as well as those looking for entertainment.

The game belongs to the sandbox genre, which offers the players a chance to express their creativity in the game through breaking and building. Marking the celebratory event for the game, social media firm YouTube put together a dedicated page and video for the game.

In its page, YouTube tracked the timeline of the game and the type of content which the creators created over time and the content liked by the viewers. With different viewership milestones and changes in trends, an interactive timeline is visible on the blog.

Appreciating the tremendous love showered by the viewers in form of views, YouTube on its site wrote, “If each of those one trillion views were just one-second-long, that would add up to over 30,000 years. If each view were a Minecraft block 12 inches square, you could build a stack that reached from the Earth to the Sun and back — with about seven million miles to spare. That’s how big one trillion views is.”

As per YouTube, there are more than 35,000 active creator channels making videos on Minecraft, across 150 countries. Around 140 million people play Minecraft across PC, mobile devices and video game consoles.

“We have people who are off on an adventure and people who are building and people who are playing together, and all those ways of playing are important to us,” Lydia Winters, Minecraft Chief Storyteller said in an interview with The Verge, a technology blog.

“The reason why Minecraft has been so successful on YouTube is because YouTube videos are a way to tell stories. So then when you have Minecraft, and you can tell any story you want in a Minecraft world, it’s a big reason why we have so many people creating Minecraft content,” Winters added.

YouTube along with the website dedicated to the game created a small video appreciating the players and creators, which has hit five million views in only two days. Apart from it, they changed their logo for 24 hours in retrospect to the celebration.

In India as well the game is quite popular. As per data shared by YouTube, India accounted for 2 billion of the one trillion mark of Minecraft. Though gaming is still nascent in India, the country has a rising population of gamers and Bhavya Singh, a student of engineering in New Delhi is one such gamer. “Video games are all about fun, and not just only graphics. Minecraft is a game that I find very fun to play. The sheer openness of the world and the creativity it has to offer along with an immersive experience for the players. Like the humans had to pass through stone age, iron age and other ages, in the game as well people undergo different ages,” Singh, who is an avid fan of Minecraft tells Media India Group.

“After Jio making internet easily available to the common public, people got to know more about the game. People usually get into gaming at later stages of life mostly when they are studying in college, as gaming is not encouraged. Hence, people don’t have high-end PCs or laptops. But Minecraft is a game that can easily run on low-end PCs. On YouTube as well you watch videos on topics that interest you. With the game being easily playable on low-end PCs it became quite famous and making it one of the main topics of content for streaming on YouTube,” Singh says.

With increased accessibility to internet in India and the pandemic forcing people to buy new laptops and PCs to sustain the compulsion of online classes and work from home, people are exploring gaming as an option for entertainment, signifies the dawn of the gaming era in India.



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