Small Business? How to write your own social media posts

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June 7, 2016

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With near 1.4 billions active users of Facebook and more than 300 millions on Twitter, social media became an essential promotion tool but it has to be correctly used.

Although many companies have a social profile, not all them are using it effectively.

In fact, to have effective social media profiles it is compulsory to have them updated as much as possible.

The problem is unless you are a big company and you can hire social media managers, or your online activity is limited, social media updating is expensive. Therefore, for very small business it may be better to select and post on your own, it will be less costly and even more efficient since the content will be like your business: personal

There a list of a few tips to write a good social media post:

Research: Browse, look and surf on the Internet. It is important to see what different companies are talking about. Do not copy, be inspired.

Write a perfect headline: The Headline is everything. Think of the type of headline that will make you read an article, even though you are note familiar with the subject, a headline that is attractive.

Follow with a great opening: Once the headline job is done, you have to attract your reader and give him the wish to continue to read because he is interested.

Select your content: Your post should be simple, take an average 5 minutes to read, so do not put unnecessary content.

Be conversational: If you know a subject is not popular don’t use it. Write only interesting content that makes the other get interested and please avoid Sex, Politics and Religion.

Do not be a salesman: Do not try to promote, there is no point for the reader to spend time to read an advertorial. Your post is an occasion to share with him on an interesting topic.

Use pictures: Like the headline your picture is essential and has to be connected to your content. It is always better to use your own photos.

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