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June 7, 2016

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One of the well-known Indian Tour Operators approached Asiacom to rebrand its entire image and develop its online visibility and promotion in selected countries.

The 25 year old company has a strong experience in the travel trade but needs to catch up in terms of design and IT development in order to differentiate itself in the competitive market and most importantly generate online revenues.

What they had in their hands when they approached us? A very outdated website with no online visibility at all. As a Tour Operator, to sustain in the competitive market, they have to manage their packages, destination and itineraries in such a way that their offering can create value for customers. However, they were using old traditional methods.
Being such an old company, the main challenge was to revamp their corporate identity without damaging the brand equity. Having database of over 200 hotels, over 100 travel packages, the challenge was to manage all of them on a single platform.

How Asiacom and the Tour operator worked together to overcome challenge?

AsiaCom and the Tour Operator worked together during 3 months to :
Redesign entirely their website
Create an online itinerary platform
Design a CMS for the back office to update the packages
‘Make Your Own Itinerary’ software was designed by our experts in order to generate

customized packages and give the tourist a unique and detailed overview of the

itinerary (with interactive map, description of hotels, car, activities and other details).
Here are some snapshots:

The hotel section was developed in such a way that navigating from one to another was very easy, clear and attractive / design with nice images and description of each aspect.

Asiacom also provided the images used in the site and generated the content to make it more simple and marketing oriented and most importantly, as per the desire of the client.

Asiacom strategy consultants with an extensive experience in the travel trade, also gave advices on how to attract tourists and make them buy (online contest, forum, PR strategy, corporate videos, highlighting special services etc.)

The outcome
Modern and easy to navigate platform – colourful and well organized A unique package generation platform based on the tourist’s preferences Achieved more than 100 per cent new online visitors More than 200 per cent increase in online queries Well established and more advanced Facebook & Twitter profile Cost cutting with the automatic software and CMS.
Our tips

An attractive website platform – design Easy information as per travellers own preferences – online software to create and manage packages Detailed information through attractive and smart icons, images, map and minimum text Social media strategy, blogging and customers experiences, online contest etc.

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