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November 1, 2019

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October-December 2019

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As outings on the beach become more popular and regular and as the millennials become more fashion conscious, attire on the beach is the latest segment of garments to be transformed into a fashion parade.

Hair wound up in a bun, sporting brightly-coloured flouroscent beach outfits with rocking sunglasses. This is the basic fashion statement today on Indian beaches. But fashion on beach is much more than that. Whether you love to hit the beach for a swim or take a sip of your Pina Colada, sit in the shade and read, one thing’s for sure, you have to be beach ready. Fashion on the beach is not only about the right outfit but also about the right accessories. Here’s a list of basic beach fashion that one needs to keep in mind in order to beat the heat on the beach.

Choosing the right outfit

The right outfit for the beach is not only carrying your bathing suit but wearing something on it that will make you feel confident and comfortable. Beach clothes are not only about bikinis or rompers but it’s also about shorts, sarongs and skirts.

Also maxi dresses or caftans are always the perfect choice for a beach outfit. They can be dressed up with heels or used as a beach cover up.

If dresses are not your thing then you should always go for separates, such as linen or chino shorts paired with tank top or beach top. Plain off shoulder tops with patterned shots also makes a striking appeal. If you are someone who doesn’t like to go with the trend then go for the boho look (flowy clothing with vintage and ethnic-inspired accessories).

Men can always choose a nice pair of cotton shorts teaming it up with a comfortable t-shirt/linen shirt. Also if you want to be a bit loud with the dressing then you can always go back to the ruling 1990’s fashion and opt for the fundamental Hawaiian shirt.

Do not go for dark coloured clothes for the beach. Instead, add pops of colour and balance it out. Choose a soothing outfit and pair it with bright coloured sandals. Floral prints, tie-dye or stripes always work for the beaches.

Go for the right accessories

Accessorizing yourself is really important if you want to make that perfect beach statement. Instead of tonnes of statement jewellery, go for natural jewellery. Large bead necklaces, seashell bracelets, waist chains, funky toe-rings, anklets and dangle earrings are the perfect accessories for beaches. One can go for coral necklace that goes well with their outfit. Always remember that less is more and do not overdo while accessorising yourself.


• Sunhat – Do not forget to carry a super stylish sunhat that will not only add to the style statement but will also protect you from getting bad sunburns on the face. Oversized hats are the perfect option. One can also decorate the hats by adding colourful ribbons to it that is in contrast to their dress or shoes. A lace hat is the perfect option as it makes shadow patterns on the face. Also on various beaches, you can also choose from a wide variety of straw hats.

• Sunglasses – The most crucial accessory for the beach is a good pair of sunglasses. They not only shield your eyes from the blaring sun, but also help you conceal the no-makeup, tired eyes. Since people tend to stay on the beaches for quite a long time, it is better to go for UV- blocking lenses. Also if you are more into adventure on the beaches then you should definitely go for floating sunglasses that are useful yet stylish.

• Scarves – A pretty looking colourful scarf not only protects your hair and skin from the sunny and humid climate but also enhances the outfit. Scarves or bandanas can also be tied up around the head that can give you that super chic look.

• Tote bags – One of the essential beach accessory is tote bag that can stock all your essentials like beach towels, sunscreen and a book. A colourful beach bag made of waterproof and sand proof material is vital. Jute, straw or cotton tote bags are ideal for a beach outing.

Makeup- a big no

Whenever you are about to hit the beach, saying no to makeup would be a wise decision. The only makeup you can wear is sunscreen with a minimum SPF 40 UV protection. Beach water and climate can ruin overly done make-ups. If you have a very sensitive skin then you can also carry aloevera gel and calamine lotion along with a good moisturiser. Try to keep it simple and minimalistic.

Pick the right shoes

To be comfortable on a beach, the kind of footwear one sports is as important as the clothes and flip flops can be one of the best options. You can opt for some classic Havaianas or go for something classier like a starfish beaded leather sandal. If planning to take a stroll on the beach side, then the ideal option would be to go for crocs or open toe sandles. Just remember there will be sand everywhere and then decide.

Gadgets and gears

If you are a gadget freak then the one thing that you should not forget at the beach is a waterproof camera or a GoPro, especially useful if you are planning to go diving. Also if you love to play music at the beach do not forget to carry your waterproof Bluetooth speakers.



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