Hackathon HAB-59 for mobile apps launched

Indian replacements for 59 banned Chinese apps


July 20, 2020

/ By / Pune

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Joining the race to develop apps to replace the 59 Chinese apps banned by central government, a novel hackathon has been launched in Pune.

Pune-based Terre Policy Centre has joined hands with MIT-ADT university to launch a unique hackathon to encourage students all over the country to develop apps that could fill in the space left due to the banning of 59 Chinese apps by the Indian government recently, following the Chinese military aggression in Ladakh.

Called ‘HAB-59’ or ‘Hackathon for Atmanirbhar Bharat for 59 banned apps’ , the competition challenges Indian youth  to ideate, create and demonstrate ther apps within a month. The hackathon HAB-59 is also being supported by Indian ITES giant, Tech Mahindra, and a few other companies.

The organisers say that the hackathon  aims to reach out to young Indian tech-geeks who have a thirst and resolve to innovate, and who have keen desire to unleash their potential with the fervour. “Making it in India is like respecting the local talents to develop better than global-quality products and service,” Mangesh Karad, executive president, MIT ADT university said in a virtual press conference.

“The power of technology can be harnessed for social and environmental cause by challenging the potential of youth , particularly when the country is challenged with adverse situation,” says Rajendra Shende, chairman Terre Policy Centre, explaining the concept of HAB-59, adding that such competitive platforms can produce multiple solutions for India’s various problem-statements.

The organisers adds that the hackathon would provide a platform to young Indian talented groups in application development for IT-based solutions, as well as identify potential to secure applications that not only compete but work much better than those banned and also to connect the young talents with government and companies to help them with opportunities for entrepreneurship.

The final round of HAB-59 will be hosted online on August 13 & 14 and the  evaluation would be  followed by awards event. The awards are lucrative as they include cash prizes iof INR 1 million as well as facilitation of commercialisation of apps. It is open for graduates and post-graduates below 25 years of age. The hackathon will also provide opportunities to participants to create their own  start-up with AIC-MIT ADT university.

Details of rules and regulations of the hackathon are available on https://hackathon59.mituniversity.edu.in/



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