350.org to hold ‘Global Day of Action’ on renewable energy in November

To highlight ‘exorbitant & obscene’ profits of fossil fuel firms


August 6, 2023

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350.org to hold ‘Global Day of Action’ on renewable energy in November

OIl and gas majors continue to report record profits

Global climate activist group 350.org says it will hold worldwide days of action in November for rapid transition to renewable energy in face of yet another quarter of ‘exorbitant and obscene’ profits reported by fossil fuel firms.

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Global climate justice organisation 350.org says it will organise worldwide days of action on November 3 and 4 to urgent acceleration of the transition to a renewable-powered world.

In a press statement, 350.org says that its announcement coincides with fossil fuel companies reporting yet another quarter of ‘exorbitant and obscene’ profits amid the devastating impacts of the climate crisis and soaring energy prices.

The statement adds that May Boeve, Chief Executive of 350.org, emphasised the need for global unity in addressing the urgent climate crisis. ‘‘Around the world, people are uniting to wrest power and resources away from reckless fossil fuel companies to propel the global renewable energy revolution forward. We stand at a pivotal moment, as the undeniable impacts of the climate crisis are ravaging our world. The window to act is short – but there is still time to create enormous positive changes,’’ says Boeve.

The statement adds that Boeve also highlighted the urgency of transitioning to just and sustainable energy systems. As scorching heatwaves, devastating storms, prolonged droughts, catastrophic floods, and soaring energy bills burden communities worldwide, the fossil fuel industry continues to prioritise profit over people’s lives, obstructing real climate action. Boeve asserted, ‘‘This intolerable state of affairs must change, and it must change now,’’ she adds.

The climate activist organisation says that there are several facts that illustrate the current injustice in global energy systems and potential for a positive transition to renewables that underpin the ‘Power Up’ movement and upcoming days of action.

It says that every dollar invested in clean energy generates nearly three times as many jobs compared to investment in fossil fuel projects. The statement adds that just four oil giants, Exxon, Shell, Total, and Chevron collectively earned a staggering USD 33.2 billion in profit in the first quarter of 2023 alone. The same amount of money could  fully electrify an estimated 55 million rural households without energy and grid access, it says.

May Boeve, CEO, 350.org

The body says that excessive profits made by the West’s five largest oil and gas companies, totalled USD 134 billion in 2022. These exorbitant profits made at the expense of ordinary households,  underscore the urgent need for global energy justice and a transition to renewable energy.

The statement adds that the Global Day of Action in November aims to galvanise individuals and communities worldwide to demand immediate action towards a renewable-powered future.  “By joining forces, people can challenge the dominance of fossil fuel companies and drive the necessary changes to combat the climate crisis”, says Boeve.

‘‘From powering down coal to power up solar in Australia, to demanding energy access for communities affected by Petrobras in Brazil, from shaming the greed of fossil fuel companies like TOTAL in Europe and Africa,” she says.

“The obscene profits announced today are a mockery, not only of the millions that suffer at the hands of the fossil fuel industry, but of the 150 million people in Asia who lack energy access to begin with. We deserve a better world than the one that fossil fuel CEOs have burdened us with. Decentralised renewable energy, founded on justice and equity, is the least costly way to provide energy to those who need it most. Communities across Asia have the solutions to the energy and climate crisis. From solar energy projects in the Philippines to the Just Energy Transition Partnership in Indonesia, Asia’s future will be powered by the people and their demand for accessible renewable energy,” says Norly Mercado, Asia Regional Director of 350.org.



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