First Alvidah Jumma without Covid-19 curbs celebrated in Delhi

Devotees bid farewell to Ramadan’s last Jumma



April 30, 2022

/ By and / New Delhi

Thousands of Muslims gathered with great enthusiasm at various mosques across Delhi to offer prayers for the last Friday of the ongoing Ramadan, the Islamic holy month.

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The last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, called Jumma Alvidah, is an auspicious day for the Muslims as they bid farewell to the holiest period in the year and await it with the same eagerness and devotion the next year.

On the occasion of Alvidah Jumma, thousands of devotees gather at their favourite mosques to offer the prayer. This year the enthusiasm and cheer was even greater as it was the first Ramadan since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic that people could offer prayers as a community and meet their friends and relatives. During the pandemic, they had been forced to pray at home due to the closure of religious places as part of the curbs imposed during the pandemic.

The cheer and enthusiasm were clearly visible at the Nizamuddin Dargah in New Delhi where hundreds of worshippers had gathered to mark the occasion. But not just the big mosques, but even those inside heritage sites like the Afsarwala tomb mosque at Humayun’s Tomb, also in New Delhi, saw a sizeable gathering of devotees reciting prayers and breaking their fast by observing Iftar.



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