Farmers protest: The year gone by

A photo journey detailing the protest and its myriad faces


November 26, 2021

/ By / New Delhi

November 26 marks a year since tens of thousands of farmers reached New Delhi, protesting against anti-farmer measures of the central government, notably the three new farm laws that had been pushed through the Parliament in 2020. Here is a look at some of the key moments of the protest that has developed a life of its own.

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Over the past year, the farmers have made their homes at several border points of the national capital, notably Singhu and Tikri in north-west Delhi and Ghazipur in the east where they have been in a face off with the police and the government for an entire year. The unique protest, which has seen the farmers beautify their protest sites as well make homes and offer a wide variety of community service, including round the clock free meal service or langar sewa and also providing medical assistance to all visitors and residents of the area around the protest sites. The peaceful and patient protest has drawn international attention and several celebrities from around the world.

Though Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised to repeal the three laws, the farmers are continuing with the agitation saying they will withdraw only when government meets all their demands, including guaranteed price for their crops as well as withdrawal of Electricity Bill, and the actual withdrawal of the farm bills happen.



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