Jagat Shiromani Temple in Jaipur

A place to soak in love, devotion, and holiness


August 25, 2018

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The colourful grandeur of the Pink City of Jaipur is famous for its brilliant architecture, forts, temples, handicrafts, jewellery, bazaars and shopping for textiles. Jaipur city is not only the capital of Rajasthan (north Indian state), but is also considered to be a major sightseeing destination. The city has so much to offer with its vibrant colour and rich history. The vast mesmerizing and the culturally rich environment of the city has drawn many tourists from all over the world throughout the year.

A famous spot in the city is the Jagat Shiromani temple that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Krishna,and Meera Bai. Jagat  Shiromani’ means Head Jewel of the idol of Lord Vishnu, which is named by the Royal Queen Kanakwati, wife of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh I’ to glorify her son Jagat Singh.

This temple is one of the most elaborate temples in Amer town that is famous for its carved marble archway, a Garuda chhatri and a shrine dedicated to Radha-Krishna ; making it distinct from other temples in the vicinity. The doorstep to the temple leads to an amazing quite and serene experience where one could find a complete journey to the holiness. The history  of this place dates back to 1599 AD.  The ornamental arch of the gateway is a masterpiece and is also called as Torans or Toranas which is flanked by statue of elephants. The Torans is a brilliant piece of architecture which includes images of idols of various Gods which are intricately carved. The history reveals that the Toranas are made up from a single piece of marble and are highly ornate ones. The architecture of this temple is a fusion of different styles of Jain, Hindu, south Indian and Mughal architecture. The most known fact is that it took nine years to carve this mighty mansion on the hill, three different stones-  sandstone, black stone, and marble have been used in its construction. The temple is one of the spectacular carved stone temples of Jaipur.

The two-layered Mandapam(platform set up for religious ceremonies) of the temple focuses on the depiction of animals like horses and elephants and scenes from Hindu scriptures and depiction of characters enhances the beauty of this temple. It is said about the idol of Lord Krishna that it is the one which Meera Bai (a devout follower of Lord Krishna and the wife of King of Mewar) used to worship in the Mewar, 600 years ago. This idol was saved during the Mughal attack on Mewar by Amer ruler and was thus brought to Amer. As it is known that Meera Bai considered Lord Krishna as her husband, the Toran ceremony near the entrance bears a testimony of the supposed marriage.



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