Boom in modern retail sector jobs

Opportunities for Indian students in France


April 16, 2019

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Graduate school of the Greater Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides you with first-hand experience in fashion retail through cutting edge technology

As organised retail continues to expand rapidly in India, the sector is set to create thousands of jobs all over the country in the next few years. A good foundation and training is a must to grow in this space.

The Indian retail sector is expected to reach USD 1.2 trillion by the year 2025, more than double of where it stands today. Most of the growth is expected to come on the back of a growing middle class with a higher disposable income riding on the booming economy. The advent of modern retail – Indian as well as global – is also expected to play a key role in the growth of the sector.

As the sector booms, it is set to create thousands of new job opportunities in practically all the cities across the country. One of the key segments in this vast domain is fashion retail as global labels enhance their presence in the Indian market as well as with the consolidation of several Indian fashion labels that add new stores.

For students aspiring to get into this domain, where else to study and get practical training than in the global fashion capital, Paris. La Fabrique, one of the leading fashion and retail schools of the world, is launching a new Master’s degree course in fashion retailing, targeting students from across the world. To highlight the international nature of the degree, the course will be conducted entirely in English. The one-year course will include a six-month long placement for hands-on and on the job training for all the students with a leading fashion brand in France or elsewhere in Europe.


Hands-on training with leading fashion brands

La Fabrique is offering opportunities to all the passionate undergraduate fashion students who are willing to make a career in the fashion industry. The institution is the leading graduate school of the Greater Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry that provides you with first-hand experience in fashion retail through cutting edge technology.

The course curriculum includes the micro and macro-economic flows of the sector, key players in the fashion industry and developing a global sourcing approach. With a school semester and an internship semester, understand the garment construction with a comfortable design with respect to all body forms along with operations and organisation of different types of production unit. With thorough research on case studies in connection with Design Office, be a fashion professional in one of the global fashion houses.

The 60–credit graduation programme, MSc in Fashion Product Development aims to help you in deepening your knowledge or acquiring new expertise in fashion.

Expand your knowledge with us from textile materials and product lines to industrialisation process, supply chain, production and quality- our industry expert will guide you through everything!


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