Michał Ratajczak

President, Aviation Consulting, Poland


May 15, 2018

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April - June 2018

Michał Ratajczak, President, Aviation Consulting, Poland

Michał Ratajczak, President, Aviation Consulting, Poland

Aviation Consulting, a fast-growing aviation consultancy firm and technical training institution based out of Poland, has recently secured the status of one of the top five performing authorised training centres by the global aviation body, IATA. With a strong technical skill development background, the company is now looking at venturing into the Indian market.

Can you tell us about the kind of training given by Aviation Consulting at its training centres?

Our company is an independent educational institution with the status of Authorised Training Centre of International Air Transport Association (IATA). We are one of the top five performing IATA Authorised Training Centres (ATC) of Europe in 2018. This recognition identifies Aviation Consulting as a centre of excellence for training. In 2017, Aviation Consulting achieved impressive results, demonstrating professionalism in delivering IATA training programmes and commitment to student success. We provide training in areas of aviation, cargo and tourism, for example Airline Finance and Accounting Management, Aviation Security Awareness, Cargo Introductory Course, Cargo Security Awareness, GDS Fares and Ticketing and Ground Operations Management. The second area of our training activity is Training for UAVO VLOS Obtaining an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Operator certificate.

What is your view on the global aviation skilled labour market?

Aviation is developing very rapidly. As it develops, the lack of qualified staff is becoming more and more noticeable. This applies not only to pilots and mechanics but also in the cases of navigation staff, ground handling, passenger and office workers as well. Aviation is one of the most international sectors. That is why it is important that the skills of all those involved in the industry are standardised as far as possible. IATA-certified training is a good solution to solve this problem.

As one of the leading aviation training centres in Europe, how do you think Aviation Consulting can contribute in skilling Indians?

In Europe, there is a great deal of competition in the training market. In Poland and in many Central European countries education is free to a certain extent. Same is the case for higher education and university education. Therefore, in order to be able to operate in this market, we must first of all take care of a high level of our training. I believe that Indians can benefit greatly from this. All of our instructors are practical and have many years of experience.

Other than skilling them with the required knowledge, how does Aviation Consulting prepare its pupils for the international job market?

The best possible preparation to work in aviation, in fact in any industry is by working in the industry itself. First one has to condition him or herself to work in the international environment by completing the internationally recognised training courses. IATA training courses are such recognised courses. A positive step for our students would be through our Aviation Consulting instructors. They bring their personal knowledge and experience and make the candidates market ready.

With increasing technological advancements and automations, the scope of using manpower is reducing. What kind of specialist training is required to beat the cut-throat global competition?

The technique is developing so fast that what we saw yesterday in sci-fi films is a reality today. We must realise that the changes that are going to come will not be a one-off. Since the invention of the wheel, humanity has used it for thousands of years in a manner that has not changed much. The steam engine has been the main driving force for 150 years. Since the first human flight by airplane in 1903, not even 60 years passed before the first human flew into space.

Today, nobody will provide training that will specifically allow you to prepare for the upcoming changes and overcome global competition with certainty. It seems to me that in order to be able to become a valued employee it is necessary to become a specialist in a chosen field. Get a solid foundation, then specialise and become a leader in your industry or workplace. As a leader, you can change your track more easily or generate a new track for yourself. On the other hand, with a solid basis, the scope of activities can be changed, if necessary, even within the same industry.

Can you tell us about your incubation projects and patron classes?

We cooperate with several secondary schools and universities educating in the field of transport. As a training company, we provide our students with certified knowledge so that they can start working as soon as possible after completing their education. Schools provide general knowledge and extensive professional knowledge. Education lasts for four years. During short, 30-hour courses, we provide them with the specialist knowledge and skills they need for a specific job.

What is IATA authorised Training Reseller Programme?

As the trade association for the world’s airlines, IATA represents some 270 airlines or 83 percent of total air traffic. IATA supports many areas of aviation activities and helps formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues. IATA Training is a division of IATA and a leading source of international training and professional development serving all sectors of the transportation industry: airlines, airports, aviation security, air navigation services, cargo, civil aviation, ground operations, travel and tourism. Drawing on the expertise of internationally recognised practitioners, including IATA and member organisation experts, IATA develops and maintains an extensive portfolio of travel industry training and professional development programmes and courses leading to internationally recognised certificates and diplomas, as well as academic degrees. IATA diplomas and certificates guarantee that the recipient has received a high standard of training. They have gained worldwide recognition and acceptance as a quality product by the global aviation industry. These are important qualifications for anyone wishing to upgrade his/her professional competence or start a career in the aviation, cargo and travel industry. IATA ATC are specialised training institutions that are authorised by IATA to teach one or more IATA courses in their training facilities. Authorisation to teach these courses is granted based on demonstrated instructional expertise in the courses of interest, as well as the institution’s overall ability to provide quality training. While ATCs recruit and train students for IATA courses, examinations are organised by IATA at examination centres worldwide. ATCs are also able to distribute the specific IATA courses for which they are authorised, to self-study students, provided they are able to offer educational support to these students, should the need arise.

The Government of India also has a Training of Trainers (ToT) scheme. Do you work with other governments?

At the moment we are cooperating mainly with local authorities in Poland in the field of raising the competencies of secondary school students in the areas related to transport.

What are the new plans for Aviation Consulting? Do you have any special plan to partner in the Indian market?

We see cooperation with India as a great opportunity and, at the same time, a challenge. When we talk to our customers in Europe and our friends in India, we see many areas where we can complement each other. If Aviation Consulting can become a platform for such exchanges in the aviation sector, I would be very pleased.



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