School educates students on transgender discrimination

A project to bring transgenders into mainstream


March 12, 2022

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Even though India has given the transgender community the right to identify themselves as the ‘third gender’, the community still faces challenges, prejudice and oppression by the society. To help the community gain acceptance, Aarohan, a Delhi-based NGO, joined hands with a school to educate the children about transgenders and how to make them part of the mainstream society.

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On March 10, Indradhanush, an initiative to make the transgender community part of the mainstream society was launched by Aarohan, an NGO working with underprivileged children in New Delhi, and M M Public School in Pitampura, north-west Delhi.

The event was organised by the school to celebrate the transgender community and about 15 transgenders were specially invited in order to educate the children about the community and the challenges that they have been facing for centuries. Naaz Joshi, India’s first international trans beauty queen and the brand ambassador of Indradhanush along with Rani Patel, president and founder of Aarohan were the chief guests on the occasion.

Joshi spoke to the children about the discrimination and violence that transgenders have to face all through their lives. “Why is it that when Harnaaz Sandhu wins one Miss Universe crown for India the whole country rejoices, but when Naaz Joshi brings 7 international crowns to India and becomes India’s first international transqueen beauty, no media even writes about it?” Naaz Joshi asked the audience. She also spoke about the negligible presence of transgenders in the media.

Chairperson of Aarohan Rani Patel emphasised the need to enlighten children about transgenders and the challenges that they face.

Being an optimist, Deepika, a transgender activist, noted that women in India too had to struggle long for their rights, but the change did come and hence slowly the transgenders will also gain their due place in the society.

A documentary on the life of transgenders, produced by Aarohan was premiered at the event. It was followed by various cultural performances by transgenders, including a dance programme and a fashion show, featuring the members of the community.



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