Are stray dogs a major problem in India?

An estimated 35 million stray dogs live in India


June 22, 2018

/ By / Kolkata

According to the WHO report an estimated 45 pc of all deaths from rabies occur in South- East Asia

According to the WHO report an estimated 45 pc of all deaths from rabies occur in South-East Asia

The Indian government has to come up with large scale interventions and organisations that can deal with the issue of stray dogs in India.

An estimated 35 million stray dogs live in India and according to World Health Organisation (WHO) India faces about 18,000 to 20,000 cases of rabies every year. According to the WHO report an estimated 45 pc of all deaths from rabies occur in South- East Asia out of which about 36 pc of the world’s deaths from rabies happen in India itself.

The incidents from rabies in India have been constant for a decade, without any obvious declining trend, and reported incidence is probably an underestimation of true incidence because in India rabies is still not a notifiable disease.

In March 2016, civic authorities from Mumbai disclosed in the Supreme Court that dog bites in Mumbai have taken 434 lives in the time period 1994 to 2015. According to reports more than 1.3 million people were bitten by dogs in Mumbai during this period. In November 2016, the Supreme Court ordered the Kerala government to stop the vigilante from the slaughter of stray dogs.

Kolkata has a population of more than 80,000 stray dogs, according to the NGOs in the city.  But the number is constantly rising due to a sluggish sterilisation drive.  Activists in the city blame the administration for not pushing animal control policies, including spaying and neutering, which would have possibly helped avoid some of the current problems. Similarly in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh there are around 16,000 stray dogs in the city and according to officials the population has increased by 3,000 due to failed efforts by civic bodies in administering sterilisation and other vaccinations to reduce the population.

Why does India have such a greater number of stray dogs?

The biggest reason behind the problem is open garbage. Stray dogs rely on garbage while hunting for eatables. Countries that have garbage kept in bins and are cleaned regularly see lesser number of stray dogs.

India also has fewer government and NGO services that deal with stray dogs. In many developed and developing countries, the government spays and neuters stray dogs to decrease their population growth. Many countries have organisations like Animal Control, the Humane Society, the SPCA, private shelters, and rescue organisations, that take care of the stray dog problems. The Indian government has to come up with large scale interventions and organisations that can deal with the problem. Rules for prevention of cruelty to animals that came in 1960 got amended in the year 2017, but the judicious implementation of regulations needs to be renewed and implemented in a more organised way.

Kashika Arora an entrepreneur of pet management company called Kashika’s Pampered Paws, based in Kolkata told Media India Group, “Stray the word itself is wrong. They are our Indian breeds, which we Indians don’t want to accept. People should drive safely so as to not hurt or kill them and also adopt street dogs rather than adopting a fancy breed.”

Laws by the Indian government

Even though it is illegal to kill a dog in India, acts of cruelty towards animals in India comes with a measly INR 50 fine as per the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. In 2017, a medical student from Chennai threw a dog from the rooftop of a building, and another friend filmed the entire act. In a more gruesome incident in Bengaluru, a woman flung eight puppies on a boulder, smashing their skulls in the process. Both perpetrators got out on bail after paying a petty fine.

In 2014, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) announced to train stray dogs to work with police as guard dogs. The decision was applauded by many. In November 2015, the Supreme Court asked all states and union territories to follow central rules, which ban killing stray dogs in India. The Court ruled that only “irretrievably ill or mortally wounded” stray dogs can be eliminated, which should happen in a “humane manner.”

Even though animal welfare groups are serious about the issue and several petitions have been filed, the government still needs to do a lot. The initiative to help stray dogs needs a lot of funding from the government. Kashika who is a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India and People for Animals (PFA) added that, “Government should build a shelter for such animals and not keep them on streets. Secondly they should sterilize the animals and operate the females to stop the extra reproduction and reduce death. Adopt don’t shop is my only motto.”




  1. Indian says:

    Stray dogs are an absolute nuisance to the indian socierty. They litter & shit anywhere, chase, bite & maul humans & human children, create intense sound pollution by continuous barking through day & night. They are of very little use to humans. Dogs are actually wild animals erroneously & intentionally declared as domestic animals. They are a threat to the human society. On one hand we are killing the harmless animals such as goat, fish, hens, cattle, pigs etc in the name of food while on the other hand we are nurturing the harmful, obnoxious, filthy animals such as dogs. the so called love of animal lovers only for dogs raises suspicions about their intentions. Many or even most of the animal lovers are non-vegetarian and do not raise any voice against killing if other harmless animals. They kill hens to feed dogs and ridiculously call themselves as animal lovers. In most other countries, culling of dogs is allowed while in India the same is banned. Further the muncipal corporations, who are not even competent to supply water to their city have been told to carry out sterilization of the millions of stray dogs. It is simply ridiculous. Obviously they cannot do it. The fault lies in the stray dog policy silently silently issued as ABC rules without the legislature approval and upheld by the Honbl Supreme Court. The policy needs to be changed to allow systematic culling of the stray dogs coupled with sterilization because the dogs have immense power to reproduce which far surpasses the human power. But the dog lovers in India seem to have no concern for human life at all. Our Honbl Minister tells people to train the young children (even 3 years old) as to how to behave. RIDICULOUS. A day will come when the masses will revolt against the stray dog menace and Governments will fall on this issue.

    1. Aarti says:

      They are not bad, we are bad because we never take steps to do for them that establish them, we dominate society and throwing every animal out of our diversity ex – many animals extinct due to industrial pollution. In US government is capable to do control dogs but india is still failed in this due to people like you, those who think dogs are bad and people like you sit in government and make this country sick and teach new generation to beat dogs and result they do same like us and i know future of india is not going to be bright, mr. Indian, i am also indian but we never help them by serving NGOs and treat them like a shit, do you know people leave their pet on roads and result they shit on roads and then we say they are bad, we 130 crore indians if only give 1000 rs a month it will make 130 thousand crore and it is lot to do for india because corrupt officers sit in government departments only take bribes never do job for society and this money can do lot for all stray dogs in india, because people like you who hate dogs never understand dogs psychology and hate them continuously and after becoming a parent you create bad generation.

      Now talk about litter, all world know indians eat chips and throw wrapper on streets and dogs used to play with them, don’t blame dogs for garbage you throw on street and also from trains window we throw garbage and this create sick and bad smell and cow and dogs used to eat them, you are shit that create this shit, not dogs

      1. Chudam chhot says:

        Getting sense of the issue, whoever needs govt sanctions simply poses greed and has nothing creative to do.

        Take a nasty advice from the third world citizen, even before that let me rather tell you, you are not an Indian citizen, on the grounds of stray dogs u start comparing US to India.
        Had u been Indian, you would have known that people are living below poverty some do not have food to eat.

        Instead of begging for animals, start begging for citizens who are poop and have a need for food.

        Open your eyes.

      2. Narendra Singh Rathore says:

        I support you

    2. Ukum says:

      Indian bureaucrats and their kins, travel in luxurious car and air condition, live in govt provided bungalows where there are no stray dogs. Why would they worry about a common man apathy or public who deal with stray dog menace everyday across India.

    3. snkbc says:

      Sir, what a wonderful way of expression. I am with you 100%. Is Animal cruelty act applicable only for dogs? Is dog the only animal? Its wild than lions and tigers. They should be eliminated. All the dog lovers should be made to walk in street midnights and lets see how their love would protect their skin from getting torn by these brutal beasts.
      I saw a small child aged around 3 or 4, his entire face was oozing with blood even after so many stiches from nilofer hospital in Hyderabad. There is no media covering such acts. Only if anyone throws a stone at them for self protection, everone will come for their rescue. I want some political party who give a fraction of thought for this big problem. Myself being an adult, walk with such terror as if I am in the midst of some forest expecting a wild animal. And many times it was correct as suddenly some pack will be after us for no reason. Don’t know why God has created this nasty yet very cruel animal.

      1. sinav sangh says:

        I think you are completely wrong. It is people like you who are the problem because you are closed minded. You probably either had one or two bad experience with dogs or are influenced with what you read or see on the media. It is ridiculous that you think dogs are the problem when the real problem is people. The dogs in India have been mistreated and all they face is abuse. Imagine a life with no love or affection, and only neglect. Of course then they will ac aggressively towards people because people are the ones who are horrible to them. Do your research, don’t just make plain judgements based on what you have seen or heard from others. Maybe instead of being so closed minded, you should realise that if we take care of these dogs and do as much as we can to help the problem of strays then it would crate a better environment for everyone. It wont be easy, but loving them, being patient and providing them with some food/clean water a day will not kill you or waste heaps of your time. Consider what is the right option to do here… and be rational about it.

    4. PB says:

      Not totally wrong.

    5. cybergypsy says:

      Indian , who so ever you are think before what you speak and dont try to speak like a toddler , referring to survival instincts , dogs have being a perfect companion for humans and they are bred for a reason , without knowing their potential and not acknowledging them properly you cant expect them to behave the way you want , and coming to your point of non vegetarians , it is an individual’s opinion to derive his nutrition and don’t forget that we are heterotrophs and for survival we can even eat humans .We don’t eat non veg just because they are tasty , its just that the fittest wins the survival and i guess you aren’t enough , good that you did not comment this on twitter or else you would have been nowhere till now and try to improve your grammatical conversation before attempting to comment

      1. Bhosadi ka says:

        Mr Cybergypsy, you appear to be an asshole noting your comment that ‘we can eat humans’ also. You are driven by your likings and not rationale. Your dumb brain likes dogs so you love dogs, your dumb brain likes meat so you justify meat of animals, but not dog meat when it is a known fact that dog meat is much healthier than goat or chicken meat, however i condemn this fact. I bet you will kill your same dog the day you stop liking him.
        You are a pure rabid dog suffering from incurable bipolar syndrome that needs to be culled as soon as possible, who thinks humans can be eaten

    6. olivia says:

      the people saying to kill dogs they are horrible what makes a dogs life less valuable than yours we should help the dogs and make a dog shelter and give them food and maybe just maybe a dog may become mans best friend again and woman so stand up and help the dogs.

      1. Debdut says:

        stray dog lovers shall share their bedroom with stray dogs.

    7. sinav sangh says:

      Literally all you said in your statement is just your personal opinions. You did not state any facts which is a logical fallacy. If you dont know what that means, search it up lol
      The government needs to raise fines for violence against animals. The fact that you state “culling of stray dogs should be allowed” is ridiculous and makes you one of the heartless, useless people there are too many of currently in the world. MAYBE if YOU showed some appreciations towards the dogs or if you have a problem, simply just left them alone without bothering then things would be better. I dont see whats so difficult about loving and caring for these dogs, it doesnt cost a lot to be a good human being and even feed them one roti in a day so that they get at least something to eat. How can you be so cruel? And have you ever thought about the dog population in India? Its massive which is unfortunate and animal lovers/dog protectors do their best to help however there are too many to be counted. You cant expect them to catch all the dogs and help but at least they are doing their best to make some difference. If you were willing to show some compassion and help a dog if you saw it on the street then you would be doing a good deed and helping solve the issue. However, if that is too goddamn difficult for you then why dont you keep your negative and false opinions to yourself and move on. As an Indians, we are taught to love and protect all including the natural environment around us that involves animals like dogs. I’m sorry but, as an Indian you are an utter disgrace.

    8. riya says:

      absolutely!! the government will only wake up after the number of deaths due to dogs will rise and there will be pressure from international organizations like WHO. by this time it will already be too late.

    9. Harini says:

      This comment section describes the dumbest society in the world. On one side people are going “Oh my god, kill stray dogs. They are dangerous! I saw a kid mauled by a dog!” and on the other side we have “we humans cause global warming. We humans destroy everything.” . Lol. Also to the very (unlikely) patriotic person who calls himself “Indian”, I hope you realise that human industries are so awfully noisy. Have you ever been near one? Cherry on the cake, they are always located near wildlife , which is very harmful to the ecosystem where ever it is located. By your logic, every human that is human has to be put down because we are indeed the most dangerous predators (we are on the top). And I’m a vegetarian dog lover but I don’t see your point. There are more deaths by humans than by dogs, so pick your side because I think we’re overpopulated and are littering the earth. On the note of global warming , to the other person that mentioned it, our global warming might be a good thing considering we might as well avoid an ice age age to tilting of earth.

    10. MAS says:

      I suggest everyone read this – it was a lawyer’s closing argument in a trial involing a neighbor that shot and killed another neighbors dog. Tears everytime I read it.

      George Vest took the case tried on September 23, 1870, in which he represented a client whose hunting dog, a foxhound named Drum (or Old Drum), had been killed by a sheep farmer, Leonidas Hornsby. The farmer (Burden’s brother-in-law) had previously announced his intentions to kill any dog found on his property; the dog’s owner was suing for damages in the amount of $150 ($971 2015 inflation adjusted), the maximum allowed by law.

      During the trial, Vest stated that he would “win the case or apologize to every dog in Missouri.” Vest’s closing argument to the jury made no reference to any of the testimony offered during the trial, and instead offered a eulogy of sorts. Vest’s “Eulogy of the Dog” is one of the most enduring passages of purple prose in American courtroom history (only a partial transcript has survived):

      “ Gentlemen of the jury: The best friend a man has in this world may turn against him and become his enemy. His son or daughter that he has reared with loving care may prove ungrateful. Those who are nearest and dearest to us, those whom we trust with our happiness and our good name, may become traitors to their faith. The money that a man has, he may lose. It flies away from him, perhaps when he needs it the most. A man’s reputation may be sacrificed in a moment of ill-considered action. The people who are prone to fall on their knees to do us honor when success is with us may be the first to throw the stone of malice when failure settles its cloud upon our heads. The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him and the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog.

      Gentlemen of the jury: A man’s dog stands by him in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness. He will sleep on the cold ground, where the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he may be near his master’s side. He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer, he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounters with the roughness of the world. He guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince. When all other friends desert, he remains. When riches take wings and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens.

      If fortune drives the master forth an outcast in the world, friendless and homeless, the faithful dog asks no higher privilege than that of accompanying him to guard against danger, to fight against his enemies, and when the last scene of all comes, and death takes the master in its embrace and his body is laid away in the cold ground, no matter if all other friends pursue their way, there by his graveside will the noble dog be found, his head between his paws, his eyes sad but open in alert watchfulness, faithful and true even to death.”

    11. I agree with you. Very easy solution to stray dogs is to start dog and cat eating like the Chinese do.

    12. I agree with you. The easy solution to get rid of the dogs is start eating them in our diets like the Chinese do.

  2. PB says:

    But really this dog issue is causing a lot of concern and even anxiety. We cannot let our children out as dogs roaming free May bite and even damage them severely. Even adults face the threat and anxiety of dog bites. Everyday the population is increasing like hell. The government is responsible for our anxiety and even early death.

  3. dheeraj says:

    Why the hell u guys r talking like that this earth completely belongs to us…we r the educated dumbasses on this planet simply blaming animals for what we did…
    Do animal creates garbage??answer this asshole
    Why the hell we r talking about global warming??can u pls explain Mr asshole how animals are responsible to this..
    Rivers are degrading,polluting them with chemicals,destroying Marine population??does any dog or animal is responsible for this..
    Simply to construct our bloody houses and roads we r destroying the green cover?
    Do you know that in the last 40 years alone in india..we destroyed 60 percent wildlife….asshole it is done by we shity humans…where were at that time asshole… don’t u feel responsible for this indian…accord acc to article 48A it is our responsible to conserve wildlife asshole…but what we r doing…

    Do u know how much noise pollution we do during the day time..but u won’t accept it…bcoz u want to carry on with ur work…and u simply saying that dogs are barking. remember one thing u bloody human being animals are the most loyal living beings on this earth…we should be proud that we r living with them…

    I really feel pity for ur child bcoz the way criticized these loyal creatures is just awful…pls don’t go near by ur child otherwise he will become like u(useless person to this society).. don’t ever blame the animals… it’s us who are making this planet into a garbage…

    1. Chudam chhot says:

      What if a stray dog bites any old mother or father or a child.

      And what if one of them is your own?
      Dogs are carnivores, have larger canines than you.. They even if bite for ones, becomes a redicule for poor Indian.

      Think again. Let people decide and must they have rights to protect themselves. And stop littering around.

    2. Chudam chhot says:

      So, u mean garbage and sewages has connection to animals looks like u r either an adam or eve, or may be no one
      Start living in today’s world. Be kind to mankind first.

  4. John says:

    They killed my 1 year old pet cat. What else can I say😠😢

  5. BP says:

    I request Indian government to take quick action to save human lives from stray dogs. I am not able to sleep from past few days after hearing the pathetic news that a 7 years old boy was attacked and killed by a gang of stray dogs in Mayurbhanj, Odisha on 21 Jan 2019.

    1. sinav sangh says:

      I don’t think it is the fault of the dogs. Why do you think they attack? Its because they have had a hard life and all they have received is abuse from the people in India. I for one am an Indian and I completely disagree with the fact that dogs are cruel and nasty. All they want to give is unconditional love and affection to people but its like keeping somebody in a locked room without anything, after letting them out they will feel emotional and angry. the same way, mistreating dogs will do the same thing and make them angry even if they don’t mean it. Open your mind instead of pointing fingers at these poor, voiceless animals who are actually the victims rather than the culprits.

  6. king15 says:

    This is getting serious everyday. There is no control over the growing population and menace of stray dogs. Parents wont let kids play in open due to dogs. People fear walking in the streets even during the day. Govt and administration is least bothered.

  7. Debdut says:

    stray dogs need to be killed ruthlessly after breaking their jaw.

  8. riya says:

    easy to say but these stray dogs are the worst. even if you adopt them they act like crazy,run away,and bring garbage home getting themselves dirty. try and adopt a stray and you will take your words back

  9. Shailender says:

    Note- I adopted an abandoned dog. I am a vegetarian, I take care of 3-4 small dogs in my lane, me alng with another lady sterilized and vaccinate them; but I am also concerned about 20,000 plus deaths due to Rabies and killing of 27 people due to excessive bleeding by violent dog bites in 2018, 2 killed were senior citizens and rest were children.

    Not all dogs are bad, in the same way not all humans are bad.

    Most of the dogs are soft, some naughty( and harmless) and they depend on us for love and survival; but there do exists ‘violent’ dogs and that is the whole cause of problem and debate here. Now don’t try to blame that we humans are responsible for their violent behavior. If we are responsible for violent behavior then all dogs should had been violent.

    Justifying violence is as good as Pakistan justifying terrorism and terrorists.
    Many attacks are done without provocation. Elderly and children are soft targets.
    These ‘violent’ dogs not only attack humans but they also bite weak and sick dogs.

    And because of these ‘violent’ dogs the rest of the dog community gets the blame and face the heat.

    They were only 4 dogs that had attacked and killed an old woman in Kerala last year but all the dogs, puppies who were 100% innocents were killed mercilessly because of the acts of 4 dogs only. Violent dogs created nuisance and non violent dogs had to face the death.

    We have humans that have aggressive and criminal tendencies who attack weaker, what we do with them? We isolate them so as to protect rest of the humans. We also try that they do not repeat crime.
    Same thing need to be done for ‘violent dog’s for safeguarding rest of the dogs and human population.

    Sterlization and vaccination program as devised in a 2001 Act failed miserably. It needs to be revisited but I am sure it will fail again due to lack of funds and corrupt system.
    But something need to be done.

    More important that is to identify and isolate the violent dogs.
    There have been scientific researches and ways to properly identify and isolate the violent canines India need to spend on it for the peace of all.

    1. Shailender says:

      We need to be sensitive towards both.
      Human lives are precious for the nation not the violent dogs. Innocent dogs and puppies are so playful, we need to protect them as well from violent/bully dogs and from violent humans.
      Note- I do not offer meat to any dog for the sake of other animals.

  10. Vinay says:

    Four kind of people generally exist around dogs. Dog haters, neutrals, dog lovers and ultra dog lovers.
    First category needs little counselling and things will be fine, but last category need psychiatric treatment since they suffer from OCD…Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

  11. Purti sharma says:

    I want to safe stray puppy..i don’t understand why people hurts the dogs and pups..what is the major steps should I take to prevent life of stray animals..why our municipal corporation do not show interest for preventing the population of stray dogs..plz think at least once for stray animals it’s really heart breaking for me.

  12. Jignesh Panchal says:

    Dog is no.1 animal likes to be with human, protect human and families. He has the highest emotion as human. In return human has to just feed the dogs and nurture. Have to pet. How come someone so cruel that calling dogs a waste ? You can’t give love to someone ? Why you would hate someone ? If dog just want to love and love, how human is so nasty animal that shows hate towards people and dogs. This kind of humans are waste to the society because they have only hate toward everything. Dogs help society in many way. You have seen a stray dog bite someone but i have seen dogs have saved so many people and houses getting robbed. If you pay 1000 rupees to watchman, he is sleeping, if you feed dogs day and night he would protect you and your house. If one family take care of one dog, soon it would be end of stray dogs and if they would get immense love, such and such problems would gone. Thats the only idea would work. If government will kill all, you guys would see bad same as Kerala flood and earth quakes. Animals are important for this earth, for society and for your good. Because you already dont like humans.

  13. Jignesh Panchal says:

    Even human population is big, do you think its better to eat humans too ? How impractical you guys thinking .. lets start from you because you even didnt do great in this world..

  14. Bet says:

    Greetings! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading through your blog posts.

  15. Lavona Belback says:

    Hey would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re utilizing? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different internet browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most. Can you suggest a good web hosting provider at a fair price? Many thanks, I appreciate it!

  16. Kuntala Mukherjee says:

    Hello everyone, I read all the posts here and really felt very bad about the miserable thinking of humanbeings about street dogs. There are few people who have compassion and written good about the street dogs but majority have shown hatred and some have said to show or do good to human beings only. But why to human beings only??? Don’t animals deserve this planet??? Do all dogs bite?? Are all human beings good?? Isn’t there any robbery, Killing , rape, mental and physical torture , child abuse, child rape, throwing of old and disabled parents done by human beings?? Then, shall we kill all human beings?? Who are we to tell whom to keep and whom to kill?? Why human beings want to play God??
    Can’t we as “human beings”, the superior of creation of God , have love and compassion for all?? There is law for animals which says to feed them, care them , protect them and have compassion for them ( Article 51-A (g)) .
    Street Dogs/Indian Dogs are blamed for biting and creating nuisance always, whereas there are examples also which tells as how faithful and helpful they are. All they need is a little food and water and also, if possible, a little love. They don’t require anything more. And yes, just find the reason why they bite, (if you have a heart to find the reason at all), it is, a mumma dog, to protect her children or a dog who have been abused. Hungry and thirsty animals are more likely to bite. Feeding stray dogs renders them docile and friendly. The dogs should be sterilised also which again makes them calm and also controls their population and hence there will be more food available to them with less or no competitors , so, no fight amongst themselves also.
    Now, we all know about our government policies and see the improper functioning of government but everyone is ready to only blame. The caregivers of the dogs not only feed them but also sterilise them. Can the haters just think for a while , why the caregivers sterilise them and what impact after sterilisation they have seen??? Can the haters open their mind (if they have) and start thinking how the caregivers are doing this and also mainly for whom??? The caregivers do not have any problem if they are left with 100s of dogs because they know how to handle and also how to take care , most important , none of the dogs will bite them as they show compassion to them.
    So now comes the answer to the above questions, they sterilise because they know this is the only way to curb the population in a human way and also this will save the hater’s children and old parents as they do not know how to handle situations . So , they are actually doing good for the haters ( Haters, if you have heart and mind, try to understand without only blaming). Now, without thinking for only killing and throwing the unwanted dogs (unwanted ,according to haters), try to think logically and find solution in a human way.
    2nd thing, how the care givers arrange for sterilisation.. Either they take help from NGOs or sometimes from private doctors , paying money from their pocket. The haters want everything in their place without helping an inch. How many people donate or those who only blame have ever thought of calling any NGO and sterilise or help the person who does all these??? So, haters , Please try to have compassion and teach them to your children too, then only you will find a much better world . Complaining and killing or removing is not at all the solution. And if you cannot love or show compassion to the most needy, then at least pray God to give you a better heart.

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated” – By Mahatma Gandhi

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  23. Saligram says:

    Ritual of stray animal feeding goes against Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
    Faiths and beliefs compel individual and families to offer food and food waste near to home in all urban dwellings of Himachal Pradesh. According to them, it is a sin to put the food waste in the municipal waste collection chain. They feed stray animals directly to avert sins and earn virtue of kindness and God blessings. This small public error attracts stray dogs, monkeys and cattle to develop their habitats around vegetable and meat market, clubs, hotels and hostels. Animals strolling in streets are as unhygienic as a fly in an air-conditioned restaurant. Among these animals, dogs maintain cycle of rabies transmission. Population carries a risk dog bite and rabies; monkey menace etc. Most urban dwellings in India are ridden with stray animals. If we fail in food waste collection, stray animals will be there, cases of rabies will not be zero by 2030. All municipalities are to ensure the right use of food waste and may develop a separate chain for food waste collection to eliminate stray animals.

  24. Sushil says:

    I think I will take a moderate view. Yes I strongly believe that these stray dogs are a great nuisance to our society. There is no point killing them all and hurting the feelings of anybody. But they are Nearly 35 million in India. Government must control or eliminate them from human society by sterilisation of them. Their compulsory sterilisation is not going to cause political uproar like compulsory sterilisation of humans. These dogs give bites to millions and millions of people every year in India, where they all need antirabies vaccines, given free of cost by government. And nearly 20000 ,twenty thousand people die of Rabies every year in India ! Imagine the loss of life, human hours , and money spent by government and private individuals. With that money and efforts you can get rid of all the stray dogs from India within one year without killing a single dog and without hurting the feelings of animal lovers or animal right activists. I hope government can understand one day and do something good for our society rather worrying and fighting for power all the time.

  25. harsha vardhan says:

    People are making senseless correlation between humans and are saying this planet is for everyone and humans are polluters so we should be culled is the argument of some senseless people here.some suggested donating 1000 rs by all 130 crore people.How senseless are you how do you think it’s even possible.Hunger deaths and malnutrition on a very large scale is still present in India and you want to donate 130cr*1000rs for stray dogs?! Wake up man.
    And coming to killing of stray want to roam with a pack of dogs 15 strong which develops pack mentality and starts hunting easy prey like children and elderly?why don’t you supply children and elderly from your own home to feed them.And yes we are indeed hunting packs of anti social elements which turned into a threat for other humans.They are called terrorists and yes we go at them with deadly force.or do u want them to live of their own free will killing others as well?
    Ever heard of schedule 5 of wild life protection act?go read read it up.
    Do you know how rabies is a disease with 100% mortality.of course that is if you are not shredded to bits by 15 or 20 stray dogs.
    Once a pack is formed it can be considered wild.They have no business in human inhabited areas.From some peoples logic we can as well let tigers and cheetahs into human settlements because they have a right to this planet.No dumbo humans and wild animals are not one and same.we should take care of our planets and bio diversity but it should not be by sacrificing our own to packs of dogs.stray dogs are a result of government’s failure to deal with them that doesn’t mean we should pay the price with our lives.we are a developing not even a century old from our colonial past,you can’t expect the government to deal with everything in a 100% efficient manner.we simply don’t have the resources.
    Be sensible.Realise stray dogs forming packs must be eliminated.if u contradict me you are a fool.otherwise tell me your practical solution to deal with this problem not some rant about how dog is man’s best friend.I know it I own 2 dogs and one of them is a stray.

  26. Judi Slot says:

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  28. iStandUpForAnimalRights says:

    hi guys i read all the comments here and I am really shocked to hear few of the remarks made about street dogs. they are not a nuisance at all. The way some of you are saying that some dogs or all dogs are bad I really don’t understand what you guys are trying to prove. Are you guys trying to say that we should hurt them? Cause really that is just messed up. there have been so many cases where humans are harming dogs, hurting them,killing them,shooting them etc. The planet earth is not only for humans to inhabit, its for all of the living beings. And I don’t mean to offend anybody by saying this but if some of you care so much about the growing population of street dogs and are suggesting that its better to get rid of them why not get rid of the human population too. there are so many humans on this earth and were are destroying everything! we are cutting trees increasing pollution levels harming animals etc etc. i am not saying we should get rid of the human population cause that is also messed up I’m just giving an example. All I am trying to say over here is that we need to learn to co-exist with not just dogs but every single animal on this planet cause this planet is not just for humans its for all the living things on it. also, I would like to say that when a human being does something horrible we call them animals when in real-life humans are the only animals capable of harming another living being so mercilessly.I hope I didn’t offend anybody by saying all of this but really I’m just speaking my mind out loud. Also I am sure you guys must’ve heard the saying that a dog is a human’s best friend. it doesn’t necessarily have to be a dog I think it can be any animal just we need to learn to coexist peacefully.

  29. Sanford Swabb says:

    I believe this internet site has got very excellent written written content articles.

  30. Nursemaid says:

    Dawn Williams of Blues Cross admitted that stray dogs were a serious concern, but said that rubbish dumps in the area were to blame.

  31. Kartik says:

    What are your thoughts about the growing population of “bad” humans? Dogs are better than them…any day

  32. C M George Smith says:

    The whole fault of street dog menace lies with the corrupt beuracrats who failed to implement animal birth control surgery properly. Culling is inhumane and not at all the solution. Here, one asshole wanted to kill all strays after breaking their jaws. What a cruel idiot! Of course, there are some violent dogs. They should be separated in a shelter or even euthanized – not killed. Christian priest raped a family woman, Hindu priest raped women in temple, Muslim mulla raped a girl inside mosque, a professor raped his student threatening her to fail in internals. So, should we kill all the Christian, hindu, muslim priests and professors in the country? Vast majority of the stray dogs are timid and afraid of human beings. Some are otherwise. They only should be separated. Sterilization and immunization shall be implemented properly. It’s a simple solution.

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