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March 1, 2018

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Nandi Hills offer a beautiful view of its surroundings

Nandi Hills offer a beautiful view of its surroundings

Located close to the city, Nandi Hills has been an evergreen choice for those looking to relax, do short treks or go on picnics.

Bengaluru, nicknamed India’s silicon valley offers a number of activities within its confines to keep visitors busy. The city is also located a few hundred kilometres away from some beautiful beaches and top tourist spots of the country, However, for those who seek a short day’s break, besides temple visits and wine tours, there are places such as Nandi Hills, which offer a natural getaway. Located around 60 kilometres from Bengaluru, Nandi Hills is a nice place to unwind and soak in some fresh air.

Though people prefer driving there or taking their bikes, public transport is also available. One can drive quite high up the hill after that there is a parking spot. As prices of regular food items on the hilltop stalls are high, one should carry their own supplies. The trek to the viewpoint from the parking spot is relatively short, but one can also opt to go from the foot of the hill to the top by trekking, which may be a more exciting activity for some.

Located close to a town named Nandi, these hills get quite crowded on weekends. In the foot of the hills, a temple and some other structures are located closeby for those seeking to explore the town. The recommended best times of the day to visit the hill top are sunrise and sunset, as these times offer a beautiful view. With a scenic location of dense greenery and an aerial view of nearby surroundings, a sunrise or a sunset here really paints a pretty picture.

Nandi Hills remains a top spot for those seeking some peace in nature as well as large groups and families who like visiting there for a picnic. However, there are also fitness enthusiasts and adventure lovers who have been transforming this otherwise tranquil space into a fun and activity filled space.

Paragliding activites are arranged in Nandi Hills, with short training of a few days to a week available. Operators such as Xtacee arrange for trips that start from the Nandi Hills and end up landing inside the city of Bengaluru. There are also trainers available who will ride with you – requiring no training on your part, which is known as Tandem Paragliding.

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