IRCTC launches Bharat Gaurav tourist train

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June 18, 2022

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IRCTC launches Bharat Gaurav tourist train

Every coach of the train has pictures on its exterior to highlight and promote various facets of India (Photo: Kipa Ayu)

IRCTC has launched its first Bharat Gaurav tourist train, covering the Ramayana Circuit and that will visit several destinations on the life of Lord Rama in India and Nepal. It is the first tourist train to cover both the countries.

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The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) launched its first Bharat Gaurav tourist train on Friday at Safdarjung Railway station in New Delhi. The first of its kind theme-based train will depart on its first Ramayana Circuit on June 21 for an 18 day trip.

The IRCTC says that every coach of the train has been designed as a kaleidoscope of ‘Pride of India-Bharat Gaurav,’ with several pictures on the exterior to highlight and promote various facets of India such as different classical and dance forms of the country, varied attire, popular festivals, wildlife, food, UNESCO World Heritage sites and many more.

“This is the concept of Indian railways to showcase the heritage of India on a different theme-based circuit with the railways. So, the IRCTC has come up with the first Bharat Gaurav tourist train, which will depart on its first Ramayana Circuit on June 21. The Ramayana Circuit will showcase all the pilgrimage places associated with the life of Lord Rama,” Achyut Singh, Joint General Manager, Tourism in IRCTC, New Delhi tells Media India Group.

He adds that since the train will be operated in different theme circuits, the prices per-day would vary between INR 3,500 to 4,000. The total cost for the first trip on Ramayana Circuit, is around INR 62,370 per person for 18 days and is all inclusive. Singh reveals that since the train is aimed for all kinds of tourists, there is no specific discount for any citizen and the prices are fixed for everyone.  However, it has been observed that most of the tourists who are travelling are senior citizens.

“See, the capacity is for booking in the train in the first trip is only up to 500/600, and we have already crossed over more than 400 passengers, so, you can say the train is fully booked,” Achyut Singh tells Media India Group.

Apart from the several destinations on the life of Lord Rama in India, the train will also be embarking to Nepal and visit Janakpur, before heading back to Delhi again. Some of the holy places that the train will cover are Ayodhya, Nandigram, Varanasi, Kanchipuram and many more on the Ramayana Circuit.

“We are very happy that a vision of our Prime Minister have been implemented by the Ministry of Railways and IRCTC. This gives an opportunity for every Hindu to visit the birthplace of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. It is the first train that will be crossing India and Nepal. And it is going to those places which was not easily accessible to the senior citizens as you have to travel, get off buses resulting to no smooth single journey. However, this journey will be different,” Subhash Goel, STIC Travel Group of Companies, Chairman and President of the Indian Association of Tour Operators tells Media India Group.

“Once you are down you can go for sightseeing as they have the best guides. There are even religious themes that will be played constantly in the coaches and there is CCTV camera for security reasons,” reveals Goel.

“My suggestion to IRCTC is that, when this mission is over you should start with different pilgrimages such as Sikh pilgrimage, Jain pilgrimage, Buddhist pilgrimage, Christian and even Sufi saints,” adds Goel.


Goel adds that only those who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will be allowed in the train as a safety precaution for the passengers. Wearing masks will be compulsory and there will be complete sanitisation taking place and regular checks in the train. A doctor will also be on board.

“They have one extra cabin. Only 600 seats have been sold whilst 100 have been kept empty in case anything happens for isolation purpose,” Goel says.



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