Budget-friendly honeymoon destinations in India

Hot picks in the wedding season


January 21, 2018

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A romantic rendezvous with your partner to cleanse off the wedding stress

Go for a romantic rendezvous with your partner to cleanse off the wedding stress

As the wedding season is approaching, here is a peek into the sub-continental honeymoon destinations that are also light in the pocket.

The perfect end to a fairytale wedding begins with a pre-planned honeymoon at a picturesque location. The article lists a number of places that one can visit post the big, fat Indian wedding.


  1. Goa


Goa is the place to be for an adventurous honeymoon, by the seaside. Take a stroll down the golden beach during sunset, holding hands or indulge in water sports with your partner; the mantra is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. One can even invest in a romantic candle-light dinner in the beautifully decorated shack with a glass of old wine, amidst the dashing of waves against the shores.


  1. Darjeeling


Darjeeling, in West Bengal, is one of the most frequented hill-stations that also couples up as the hub of honeymooners. The cold weather provides the perfect opportunity for newlyweds to share some much-needed warmth and hot cocoa.  Couples can enrol for treks or take early morning walks along the hilly terrains. A bustling market also gives the right instance to check just how much your partner is ready to spend on your shopping spree.


  1. Kashmir


Kashmir, otherwise known as ‘God’s own country’, is the exotic mixture of beauty with well, more beauty. The unparalleled charm that Kashmir offers can make anyone fall in love. Nevertheless, such a place is un-missable as a major honeymoon destination. Imagine holding your partner’s warm hands while churning out romantic Bollywood numbers eternalised in the snow-peaked valley or afloat the pristine Dal Lake on a Shikara. You can even adorn your partner with a Kashmiri pashmina shawl or treat him or her to Kashmiri walnuts. Kashmir sure knows how to pamper the newlyweds, even on a cold snowy day.


  1. Kerala

Boat Beauty

The backwaters of India, Kerala is serene even when it’s sultry and hot. The abundance of greenery makes it up for sore eyes or a ‘pair’ of sore eyes that ensures tranquillity and calmness of the soul, body and mind. You can opt for boating with your partner or camp in the cottages while sipping on native hot coffee, sharing moments of unstoppable laughter and blush-inducing giggles. Couples can even drive up the Wayanad mountains to engage in a rich couple spa at the top of the mountains.


  1. Rajasthan


The centre for destination weddings, Rajasthan also teams up as a honeymoon hub with its majestic charm and beauty. The presence of colossal forts, crystal clear lakes and magnificent palaces is enough to make one feel like royal. Couples can go for camel rides on the stretchy Thar Desert or indulge in a rich Rajasthani thali, to get a taste of the sumptuous Rajasthani cuisine. Did we tell you about the boat rides in Udaipur? Top-notch filmy and romantic for the deep in love couples.


  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands


The union territory is a major honeymoon destination and is loved by all. One of the reasons being, the ability to make you feel at home despite the world-class services the place has to offer. The beautiful white beaches lined with corals, tall lighthouses guiding in the dark and the seclusion from the cacophony of the city, make the islands the ideal spot for the honeymooners. A historical quest and picturesque scenery ensure that the honeymoon is unforgettable and one worth bragging about to friends and relatives.


  1. Mandarmani


The sea-side resort village in West Bengal is famous among honeymooners. There are more than 61 hotels in this seaside town. Known to have luxurious resorts especially aimed at couples, Mandarmani makes sure your honeymoon is unforgettable. Sip on coconut water while watching the sunrise, with the sound of the calm sea playing the lover’s ballad for you. It is also for the thrill-seeking couple looking for a motorable beach experience.


  1. Shimla


The classic honeymoon destination, Shimla is cold, beautiful and pocket-friendly. One of the most travelled to tourist destinations, this hill station in Himachal Pradesh has exotic resorts and spas. If you are planning a winter honeymoon, Shimla is as heavenly as it can get with a major chance of snowfall. The Lakkar Bazaar, a market which focuses on wooden toys and crafts helps as a souvenir point for a token of appreciation for your dearly beloved.


  1. Kullu


Kullu, yet again in Himachal Pradesh is dubbed the ‘Valley of the Gods.’ Kullu is an enormous valley that is a favourite honeymooning ground for several Indians. Often visited as a combination trip to Manali, Kullu is breathtakingly beautiful and ensures memories are created to be cherished. If you are planning a summer honeymoon, the valleys of Kullu and Manali will provide the respite from the scorching Indian heat. Manikaran hot springs and spas ensure that you have fun here during your marital weekend. There are temples too, for the religious couple.



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