Indulge in holistic well-being this Mother’s Day month at Naad

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May 23, 2023

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Indulge in holistic well-being this Mother’s Day month at Naad

With a host of tailored experiences, fitness and fun amalgamates at Naad Wellness Centre

In celebration of this Mother's Day month, Naad Wellness Centre for mental, physical, emotional and holistic well-being curates a vast array of experiences for mothers to take pleasure in, from tailored therapies to serene yoga sessions as well as wholesome cuisines and much more.

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Sure everyday is, or as it should be, Mother’s Day, but celebrating this day as a token of love, pampering her is sure to make her feel special about herself. With a host of personalised experiences curated by medical professionals, fitness and fun amalgamates at Naad Wellness Centre for mental, physical, emotional and holistic well-being. It hosts a diverse array of wellness experiences, from aerial yoga, gym nasiums, a swimming pool and olunge pool to well-maintained gardens, reflexology tracks and much more. The 39-room wellness centre located in the outskirts of Delhi has designed a range of activities in celebration of Mother’s Day month, in line with its distinguished ethos based on the principles of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy.

The residential experiences include a combination of both experiential and medical packages that address many of the challenges that women, especially expecting mothers or mothers in general, face. Here is exploring a fun mother’s wellness vacation at Naad :

Wellness, curated

Naad Wellness Centre

The journey at Naad begins with a one-on-one doctor consultation

At Naad, followed by their welcome guests undergo a customised, one-on-one doctor consultation that attempts to administer the root cause issue. The line of treatments range from special dietary supplements for each individual, yogic kriyas to help soothe the mind and body as well as time-tested therapies to destress and detox.

“PCOD is one of the leading hormonal diseases nowadays, followed closely by the pre and postmenopausal conditions that induce many hormonal conditions. We try to deal with such conditions with the help of therapies, yoga and diet. Many women start getting a lot of hot flushes, or heavy bleeding and even bodyache, migraine, stress, skin pigmentation, weight gain and many more. So we provide various therapies for these conditions, such as Udhwarthanam for weight loss,  Shirodhara for headache-related issues and in case of less or weak muscle mass or joint pain, we prescribe Sarvangdhara. We prescribe therapies varying from women to women, based on their symptoms,” says Doctor Asmita Dewangan.

Fitness can be fun too

Naad Wellness Centre

Yoga is known to promote physical and emotional wellbeing, especially good for expecting mothers or mothers

While most mothers might not be particularly excited about rigorous exercise sessions, a great way to treat them would be to reintroduce physical and emotional wellbeing into their lives through the age-old boon of yoga. Not only does it increase physical strength, endurance and flexibility, but also evokes calmness and consciousness in individuals. Yoga is a great way to stay fit for mothers, and especially expecting mothers, since it is also known to enhance muscle strength & relieve anxiety. This practice can be easily incorporated into almost anyone’s lifestyle, irrespective of fitness levels, medical history or age, and trust Naad’s yoga instructors to make it a fun session of bonding and coming together to share ideas and learning.

“To detoxify the body, we devote measures like enema as the first first line of treatments for internal cleansing. In terms of yoga, we offer the Jal Niti, kunjal kriya and eyewash to expedite the process of detox and cleansing,” she adds.

Culinary delights minus the guilt

Naad Wellness Centre

Meal plans are customised for each guest with their individual body types

Perhaps the most pervasive issue of all, weight gain after pregnancy is something that the majority of women complain about along with gradually increasing difficulty in losing those extra kilos.

“The diet plays an extremely important role in maneuvering holistic wellness and we try to guide women in finding the right diet for themselves since every individual has different needs. The diet must be eliminating,  smoothening as well as a constructive, these are the three founding principles of our diet,” adds Dr. Dewangan.

Meal plans are customised for each guest with their individual body types, medical history and health objective in mind while the food at Naad is vegetarian, cooked in a combination of desi ghee and cold pressed oils with freshly sourced ingredients. Naad’s simple yet savoury cuisine varies from the spicy pasta to delectable north and south Indian cuisines and, of course, the Chef’s special Sizzler.

Therapies for the mind, body and soul

Naad Wellness Centre

Shirodhara involves continuous pouring of oil, milk or buttermilk over the forehead while simultaneously massaging the head to reduce stress

A superbly perfect gift for any mother, a relaxing therapy session can be as  blissful as transcending to another world altogether. With experiential packages ranging from Turkish Hammams therapy to Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, to the closer home magical Shirodhara, Abhyanga and Pãdãbhyanga as well as many more, indulging in a soulful therapy session can help aid in better sleep, improved menstrual cycles, less stress and pain, improved communication and definitely an increased secretion of happy hormones.

The feet are home to four major nerves connected to the eyes and Pãdãbhyanga is ideal for promoting good eye health and is recommended to those suffering from digital eyestrain. In the regal Shirodhara session, oil, milk or buttermilk is poured continuously over the forehead while simultaneously massaging the head to reduce stress and tension. Involve all your senses in a relaxing Himalayan Salt Cave session known to induce therapeutic sweating or unwind with an aromatherapy session, guests are sure to be spoilt for choice.

Alternative medical experiences

Naad Wellness Centre

Relax and unwind with the host of therapies to choose from

While PCOS/ PCOD management is very beneficial for women prior to planning pregnancy, mothers can also explore the comprehensive spine care experiences for women struggling to deal with lower back pain, sciatica or spondylitis. The centre also offers other medical experiences like arthritis,  diabetes,  hypertension, hyperlipidemia, respiratory diseases management to sports injury management.



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