Naldehra: A picturesque hill station in Himachal Pradesh

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July 19, 2022

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Naldehra: A picturesque hill station in Himachal Pradesh

The golf course in Naldehra is one of the oldest and most well-known in India

Naldehra is a beautiful town in Himachal Pradesh with stunning natural scenery and tranquil surroundings. One can experience adventure sports like white river rafting, zorbing, zipline, paragliding, trekking and camping in this breathtaking location.

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It was the month of June, the month of my birthday, when my family planned a trip to Naldehra, a charming little town in Himachal Pradesh, about 20 km from Shimla. Naldehra is renowned for its lush vegetation, golf course and unobstructed views of the mountains covered in pine, cedar and deodar trees. It is an ideal location for travellers seeking peace and stunning natural scenery. With a backdrop of the mountains and the Sutlej River flowing through, Naldehra is breathtaking.

Located at an altitude of 2044 metres above sea level, Naldehra is a combination of two names- Nag and Dehra, which together mean “abode of the king of snakes”. During the British colonial rule, it was a very popular destination for the British officials who camped here in the summer months. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that Naldehra was also preferred holiday spot for the then British Viceroy Lord Curzon. He was so taken aback by the surroundings that he made the decision to develop the area with a golf course. After this, it became even more popular destination for his Curzon’s fellow Britishers. As a result, almost 75 years after Indian independence, in addition to Hindi, Bengali, Gorkha, Nepali and Tibetan, English is also spoken in this region.

Even today, this mountain resort is well known for this 18-hole golf course, one of the oldest in India. In addition, Naldehra is renowned for its fairs. The Sipi Fair is one among them and it takes place here every June. The annual “Jotton Ka Mela,” which is particularly well-known for its bullfights, is another well-liked festival that takes place in October. Chabba, Tattapani, Shaily Peak, Mahakali Temple and the Kogi Mata Temple are a few of Naldehra’s other top tourist spots.

Shaily peak is situated close to Mahakali Lake about 23 km from Naldehra. Its steep summit, rocky slopes and surrounding forest make it an ideal location for hikers and adventure enthusiasts. To go to Shaily top, where visitors may enjoy a breathtaking view of the Himalayan ranges, tourists can either use horses or rent motorcycles.

Tattapani, which is 30 km from Naldehra, is well known for its hot springs. The water spring, which is located on the bank of the Sutlej River, is supposed to treat a number of ailments including fatigue, skin conditions and joint discomfort. Additionally, there are many temples in this area that are devoted to Lord Shiva. Being a Mahadev devotee, I visited every temple with my family and wished for God’s blessings. Locals in the town also have a belief that going to the temple will grant them all their wishes.

In Tattapani, we enjoyed white river rafting, zorbing, zipline, paragliding, trekking and camping. The activity that I undertook for the first time in my life and found most enjoyable was zorbing. My brother and I sat in a ball-shaped structure, which was later dumped into water. We were moving that ball in the water with our hands and legs. It was great fun for us.

While trekking, the steep slopes severely hurt our feet, but the cool breeze encouraged us to take in the area’s stunning flora and fauna. We set up tents and had our meals in the middle of the dense forest surrounding us. The following morning, we went for paragliding, but I was too afraid to participate.

This vacation was one of my favourite and most memorable ones since I got to spend my 17th birthday with my family in one of India’s most beautiful and serene places.

Being an adventure seeker, I would love to visit this place again during the winters to get a glimpse of the mountains engulfed in a thick layer of snow and experience skiing that is available in Naldehra during the winters.



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