A Roadtrip to Spiti Valley

From Shoghi to Manali - Glamping through the cold desert in the HImalayas


October 19, 2019

/ By / Himachal Pradesh

Follow us on the Tribal Monastic Drives by Aamod Nomads, the adventure travel wing of Aamod Resorts, a company specialised in luxury hospitality. The aura around the trip was that of exploring a part of the Himalayas that is well-known, yet not many dare to explore. So take a break from comfort & technology,  and seek earth at its natural best, which Spiti, in its raw form, truly provides.

The Tribal Monastic Drive was organised by Aamod Nomads. Aamod Nomads offers adventure travel through self-drive and glamping expeditions. To know more about the company and their trips, please visit www.aamodnomads.com and/or write to info@aamodnomads.com. You can also call at +91 9899074083, 9899241743.



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