Colours of India – Issue n°23 – February 2018

A tourism video magazine by MIG TV


February 5, 2018

/ By / New Delhi

MIG TV brings you another issue of our monthly video-magazine, Colours of India.
We start our journey amidst Lohri celebrations in New Delhi, where the festivities are centred around the harvest time in the country.
Continuing our journey, we head to the district of Puri in Odisha, and visit the Sun Temple in the town of Konark. The temple , which is popular amidst national and international tourists, is believed to be representation of the sun god Surya. A UNESCO world heritage site, the temple is known for its intricate architecture.
To experience their rich history and understand the tribes of north-east India  we steer towards Don Bosco Museum in Shillong. Preserving and promoting the cultural history of the seven states of India, the museum houses a museum, a research centre and a publication centre.  The facility is in fact one of its kind in Asia. 
We head to Kolkata and take a break from travelling with the sumptuous local food here. Street food in the City of Joy is a vital part of the daily life of its inhabitants and can make for an authentic experience for a tourist!
See you, next month, with more such hidden jewels from India.



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