Keeping kathak and spirits alive

NGO Aarohan brings classical dance to underprivileged children

June 23, 2018

/ By , and / New Delhi

While many might be forgetting the classical dance and music culture of India, Aarohan, an NGO in New Delhi is making sure to keep it alive by taking it to children, who cannot afford to pay for the expensive classes. A dance form once enjoyed in royal courts, it is losing space in modern times, but the kids, with their new found knowledge are hopeful to revive it. With their teacher Vandana Kaul, a renowned kathak dancer, who has represented India globally and is a panelist at Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), the lessons are rather professionally conducted. Kaul herself hopes that more dancers and teachers like her would come forward towards NGOs and impart their knowledge for keeping kathak alive and for the good of the less fortunate.



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