One day safari in Amboseli

Elephant paradise in Kenya

November 16, 2018

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Wildlife is certainly one of the main reasons tourists visit Kenya. Crowned by Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, the National Park of Amboseli is well known for its large herds of elephants.

The park is home to about 1500 elephants divided in about 58 families.Since 1972, the Amboseli Elephant Research Project has been listing the elephants, and that has become an important source of baseline data on elephant social and reproductive patterns and is used as a model for assessing the status of other elephant populations in Africa and even in Asia.

Elephants in Africa have been long victims of ivory poaching. The presence of many Masai villages in the park and the constant research done have considerably helped in maintaining the area free from poaching activities.

Amboseli became a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1991 and you’ll will certainly spot numerous monkeys, birds, wildebeest and zebras, and you’ve a reasonable chance of spotting hyenas and lions and all that in just a day!

Note: this video was shot during a fam trip organised by the Kenya Tourism Board on the occasion of Magical Kenya Tourism Expo.



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