The little known Dhobi Ghat of Lutyens Delhi

An open laundry inherited from the British era

January 11, 2019

/ By / Hailey Road, Delhi

Dhobi refers to a person whose occupation is to wash clothes. The Dhobi community has been practicing this craft of washing clothes for centuries now.

With the rising development and globalization, the Lutyens Delhi is now a hub of extravagant corporate offices and brands. Connaught Place in particular, is definitely on the list of every tourist who’s looking to explore Delhi as a city. Although, everything in this central patch of the capital has changed over the decades, but there are still some places which are intact and operational.

One such place quietly sits amidst the posh blocks of the Hailey Lane. The Devi Prasad Sadan Dhobhi Ghat unlike the other open laundries, is tucked away from the river and boasts of its presence at one of the costliest areas of the city.



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