Paris Air Show 2023 set to showcase Greene Tweed innovations

Wide-ranging aerospace and defence equipment


May 30, 2023

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Paris Air Show 2023 set to showcase Greene Tweed innovations

The launch will be showcased at the Paris Air Show from June 19-25 (Photo: MIG)

Greene Tweed is all set to showcase high-performance thermoplastic products and solutions for a wide range of demanding aerospace and defense applications at the upcoming Paris Air Show.

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Leading global manufacturer of performance sealing solutions, engineered components, and custom sealed connectors Greene Tweed is about to exhibit its product for aerospace and defense industries. According to a press statement, the launch will be showcased at the Paris Air Show, from June 19-25 at the Le Bourget Exhibition Center, Paris, France.

The statement says that thermoplastic composite aerospace brackets, specially built sealing systems, and fibre optic connectors are just a few of the high-performance parts that Greene Tweed’s creative line of products for the aerospace and defence applications offers.

“Greene Tweed takes pride in our custom engineered solutions for the aerospace and defense markets. With over 90 pc of the world’s commercial and military aircraft relying on our custom engineered components and sealing assemblies, and over 50 years of experience in the market, we are experts in working with customers to find the right solution for their needs,” says Magen Buterbaugh, President and CEO, Greene Tweed.

The statement says that Xycomp DLF high performance thermoplastic composite brackets will be on show at the Paris Air Show. These brackets, which Greene Tweed created as part of its role as an inventor in the development of aerospace, can withstand the rigorous conditions of such settings while weighing far less than metallic parts. Since they are between 35 and 50 pc lighter than comparable metallic components, they are a great alternative to metals.

It goes on to say that Greene Tweed uses its proprietary compression moulding system to produce complex-contour shapes for near-net, intricate geometry with molded-in features, such as bushings or attachment points. The material meets fire, smoke, and toxicity (FST) safety requirements for interior aerospace parts, and offers excellent resistance to aerospace solvents, high temperatures, and high vibrations for extended component life. In addition, Xycomp DLF brackets can be recycled upon removal from an aircraft.

Greene Tweed’s broad selection of specially tailored sealing solutions, made from thermoplastics and high-performance elastomers, will also be on exhibit. The sealing solutions from Greene Tweed are made from materials like Arlon Peek and Avalon PTFE, and they provide great resistance to the various types of wear and tear that aircraft systems and components frequently experience, such as damage from high temperatures, pressure, corrosive chemicals, and other factors, adds the statement.



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