Google Santa Tracker is helping kids track Santa Claus

Christmas celebrations now have a digital edge unlike the past


December 26, 2018

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Google allows people to track Santa Claus, play games, learn and lots more

Google allows people to track Santa Claus, play games, learn stuff and lots more

While the kids in the pre-internet era waited night long in the hope of the arrival of Santa Claus, kids nowadays can simply track him on Google Santa Tracker, play Christmas games and lots more- courtesy smartphones.

Every year, December 25 is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ. People pray at churches, exchange gifts, sing Christmas carols, feast together to celebrate the festival. The day holds a special significance for children as they expect Santa Claus to bring them gifts. While many believe Santa Claus to be a fictional character bringing gifts and joy to families, and most importantly to children, technology has brought this fictional character to life through one’s smartphones.

As every year, Christmas gets closer, one can track the whereabouts of Santa with either Google Home or Alexa. For Google Home, they just need to ask, “Hey Google, where’s Santa?” to get Santa Tracker updates. For Alexa, enable the NORAD Tracks Santa skill and say, “Alexa, ask NORAD Tracks Santa, where’s Santa?” to get an update from the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

Besides helping people monitor Santa’s location, the tracker also includes ways to learn about Christmas, such as lesson plans and video guides that teachers can download for students. It can also help one to create colourful artworks and learn about the varied Christmas traditions followed around the world.

For those who don’t enjoy arts and crafts, the Santa Village has plenty of games to play.  Craft your own elf in the North Pole in ‘Build an Elf’. Better yet, learn to make him dance in the ‘Dances with Elves’ game.  There are various games to choose from in the digital library.

Over the years, Information Communication Technology has also brought for people visual and auditory entertainment which has transformed their outlook towards many festivals. Even while the old days of sending and receiving greeting cards to friends and family through snail mail had its own peculiar fulfilling charm, people now have incorporated their smartphones as a part of every celebration. Nevertheless technology has this magnificent way of bringing human beings together.  While Google’s innovative Santa’s Village program is an example of just that, other platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have changed so many ways in which a festival is celebrated. One feels a lot closer to their families and friends living overseas than before as they can instil their feelings and thoughts which are transposed through the digital space.

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