Pushkar Fair 2021: A carnival of cattle

Locals bring international trade fair alive


November 22, 2021

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After a two-year hiatus, the Pushkar Fair 2021 that was held from November 11- 19, 2021, was mostly restricted to the locals exploring the markets.

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India’s biggest fair for trading camels and other animals finally took place at Pushkar, about 300 km southwest of Jaipur, after a halt of two years. Though traditionally, Pushkar has more foreign tourists than animals and Indian tourists combined, however, this year the Pushkar Fair was mostly a local affair as India was closed to foreign tourists until mid-way through the fair. Also, as there were fewer camel herders participating this year, the fair saw an increase in the number of horses, buffaloes and cows. There were also competitions organised this year for horses where the winning horse would earn a token prize money.

With not many animals, especially decked up camels, to gaze at, the locals as well as the odd foreigner tourists, were headed to the markets that emerged as the highlight of this year’s fair. The few foreigners here those who had been living in India for two years or had just made in time for the event.

As usual, however, the biggest day of this nine-day long fair was the shahi snan or royal bath that takes place every year during the full moon day, called the Karthik Purnima. Pushkar, that is also considered to be the fifth dham (holy site) among Hindu devotees saw people from all over India reaching the fair just in time for the Karthik Purnima to take a holy dip in the spiritual Pushkar Lake. Sadhus from all over the country also gathered here for the shahi snan.

Though it may not have had many animals, the visitors still had their share of fun and excitement with many giant wheels as well as other entertainment rides as well as various roadside shops selling handicrafts and not to forget the regional delicacies being served up to the visitors.



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