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March 14, 2018

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The Indian saree trending globally with even the likes of Kim Kardashian sporting the ethnic wear has set the balls rolling as a summer fashion trend. So, this summer we are keeping it fashionably hot!

Saree gaining popularity globally was a predicted fashion trend for 2018. It is in the circulation for quite some time now. Thus, it was a no shocker to see a glamorous Kim K, sporting a Sabyasachi Mukherjee special for Vogue India’s March issue cover. The scarlet chiffon saree with sequins is a summer dream come true.

Thus, in lieu of the trend, we have prepared a list of saree fabrics that will keep you cool and stylish while the mercury is rising. Stating that, cotton saree being an obvious and must-have option is being kept out of the list.


Multi-coloured Khadi saree

Multi-coloured Khadi saree

This hand-woven natural fabric, indigenous to India is one of the safest bets for humid summer. Primarily made of cotton, it may also include silk or wool depending on the season and need. This eco-friendly material keeps you cooler during summers and is also friendly on the skin which is prone to rashes during this time due to sweat. Handloom khadi sarees are especially popular now and are available in shades of multiple colours and vibrant monochromes.


Chambray saree resembling denim Photo: Tjori

Chambray saree resembling denim
Photo: Tjori

Chambray is a lightweight cotton fabric that combines coloured and white yarn and typically resembles denim. This plain woven fabric can also be linen based. Cotton-based Chambray is especially preferred due to its tenacity to keep you cool in dry heat and humidity. The higher thread count of the fabric also makes it more breathable. Embroidered chambray sarees are the latest rage.


Pure linen saree Photo: Elegant Fashion Wear

Pure linen saree
Photo: Elegant Fashion Wear

A popular fabric conventionally used for home decor and lingerie, linen is a majestic fabric, known for its comfort and style. The natural lustre only adds to its other qualities. Due to its property to allow higher conductivity, linen fabric feels cool when touched and is a must-have during summers. In addition, it is also known for its sweat-absorbing capabilities. Pure linen sarees in pastel shades are the hype for this summer.


Navy Blue Rayon Shibori Tie Dye Printed Saree Photo: Looksgud.In

Navy Blue Rayon Shibori Tie Dye Printed Saree
Photo: Looksgud.In

This versatile man-made fabric is shiny and a cost-effective alternative to silk. It is made of regenerated cellulose fibre while imitating the comfort of natural fabrics. The fabric can be easily dyed in a variety of colours and is highly absorbent. Thus, lighter shades of rayon sarees can be a good option for sporting in the summers. If you want to be on the edgier side, opt for the Shibori Tie Dyed printed rayon saree.

P.S. For the love of cotton sarees, you can opt for a milk-white cotton saree with a broad golden border to beat the heat while keeping it hot.

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