Sex Education 101 with Dr Niveditha Manokaran

A subject still tabooed in India


June 16, 2021

/ By / New Delhi

Dr Niveditha Manokaran, a dermatologist and venereologist based in Sydney, Australia, speaks about the importance of raising awareness of sexual and reproductive health in India.

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In the country where one of the most famous and oldest erotic textbooks of the world, Kama sutra was written, “sex” and everything around it still remains tabooed.

While media coverage in India on any given day remains full of news of several gruesome rapes and heinous sexual crimes, Indian society continues to avoid discussions on the need to educated adolescents in school and at homes on an entire range of subjects linked to sex. Be it sexual health, human anatomy, puberty, reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases or homosexuality.

Experts say the country needs to urgently take these issues out of the closet and have open and frank discussions with children, both at home and school.




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