Peerless Hotel launches Club Eminence floors

32-room ‘tribute to Kolkata’s history & elegance'


February 3, 2024

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Peerless Hotel launches Club Eminence floors

Club Eminence transports guests into Kolkata of the bygone era

One of the oldest and prestigious hotels of Kolkata, Peerless Hotel unveils Club Eminence, a 32-room tribute to Kolkata’s history, blending old-world charm with modern luxury for guests worldwide.

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Peerless Hotel, situated in the heart of Kolkata, has announced the inauguration of its Club Eminence floors, earmarking 32 rooms that pay tribute to Kolkata’s rich legacy. 

In a press statement, the hotel says that transporting guests into the bygone era of old Calcutta, this 168-room haven stands as a beacon for tourists seeking both a glimpse of the city’s rich heritage and modern luxury. 

It adds that with top-notch amenities, it is an ideal choice for those eager to explore iconic attractions like Eden Gardens, Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, and the bustling New Market.

The hotel says that its guests can explore the local cultural heritage through its interior design, paying homage to Kolkata’s colonial past. Adorned with paintings depicting moments of history, the walls create a visual narrative of erstwhile Calcutta. The high ceilings, windows allowing sunlight to illuminate wooden floors, and vintage chandeliers add a touch of history to the carefully curated furnishings.

The statement adds that a dedicated point of contact will oversee guests’ needs throughout their stay, ensuring a smooth check-in and check-out process. This personalised service extends to all arrangements, covering dining preferences to entertainment needs. The redesign also features a manned one-touch dial contact, offering valued guests a seamless and hassle-free experience. These enhancements underline Peerless Hotels’ commitment to elevating guest experiences by consistently integrating services. 

Kuldeep Bhartee

Kuldeep Bhartee

The statement adds that the hotel is conveniently situated just 45 minutes from the airport, 15 minutes from Howrah and Sealdah stations, and a mere 100 metres from the Esplanade Metro Station.

“Kolkata stands as a cornerstone of our portfolio and has demonstrated exceptional growth in the recent years. The redesigned spaces at Peerless Hotel, Kolkata embodies the spirit of Old Calcutta and celebrates the city’s rich heritage. In cognisance of the rising footfalls to the property, we have taken decisive steps to enhance the ambience and elevate guest experiences. Our unwavering dedication to serve our customers with elegance remains paramount, and the introduction of Club Eminence serves as a testament to our flourishing growth and the escalating demand we continue to meet,”  says Kuldeep Bhartee, CEO.



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