Sagar: The beautiful heartland of Madhya Pradesh

Breath-taking scenery with diverse landscapes make it irresistible


February 18, 2023

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Sagar: The beautiful heartland of Madhya Pradesh

Sagar: A reservoir of countless natural wonders and significant historical sites

Far away from the clamor and noise of the metropolises, located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Sagar is known among the tourists for several attractions, which include: a reservoir of rich and diverse culture, numerous beautiful sights to explore, and for offering stunning views in the early morning as the sun rises over the hills, calm and eye-pleasing sunsets in the evening with enchanting weather.

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Located about 535 m above sea level on a spur of the Vindhya Range and replete with resplendent water bodies in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Sagar is a reservoir of countless natural wonders and significant historical sites. Besides that, Sagar also carries an exceptional historical legacy. Suktimati, the capital of the Kingdom of Chedi, was located in modern-day Sagar which is about 169 km from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

“Surrounded by small hills, there’s a beautiful pond located at the heart of Sagar, which caught the attention of the former Prime Minister. Legend over there has that, to Nehru the city resembled Switzerland and because of which he went on to say that, Sagar is the Switzerland of Madhya Pradesh. However, there are a lot of other beautiful places where you can visit, such as Sagar Lake, Rahatgarh Waterfall, Gadpehra Temple, Nauradehi, Eran, and Makronia,” Ankit Tiwari, a Delhi University student who visited Sagar last year tells, Media India Group.

Places to Visit

Although Sagar has numerous tourist attractions here are a few of the most popular and unique destinations that have been attracting tourists for long:

Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary

Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary

Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary was considered one of the preferable palaces for the Cheetah Reintroduction Project

It is one of the most visited places by nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The place was also considered one of the preferable palaces for the Cheetah Reintroduction Project. However, Kuno National Park was finalised for the project. Besides being abode to numerous birds, the place is also a reservoir for several wildlife animals, which include wolves, leopards, sloth bears, nilgai, spotted deer, marsh crocodiles, etc.

Nature safaris, bird watching, and wildlife photography are some of the most popular activities that attract tourists to this beautiful destination.

Sagar Lake

Sagar lake

Sagar lake is popular among the tourists for sight-seeing and boating

Located almost at the centre of the city, it is called the heart of Sagar. This natural lake has become a popular tourist destination in the city. The beautiful birds, stunning blue sky, swaying tree, still water, and floating ducks never cease to amaze the visitors. The scenery looks as striking as a tropical paradise. People usually visit this place for sight-seeing and boating. One can also find tranquillity while sitting at the bank of the lake and looking at the beautiful sights of hills and habitats. The lake appears attractive because it is encircled by numerous Ghats, living spaces, sidewalks, and a stone fencing wall on all edges.

Rahatgarh Water Fall

Rahatgarh Water Fall

The tranquil scenery of the nearby rocks overlooking the waterfall is an awe-inspiring experiences for visitors

Located about 60 km west of Sagar on the Bhopal-Sagar Road, Rahatgarh Water Fall is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sagar. This is picturesquely situated on the steep bank of the river Bina, which is crossed at this point by a fine bridge of fourteen arches. The tranquil scenery of the nearby rocks overlooking the waterfall, the melody of water falling against the rock, and the aroma of lovely flowers dispersed nearby are awe-inspiring experiences for visitors.

Khajuraho, Pachmarhi, and Bhopal are some of the other nearest places one can add to the itinerary while visiting Sagar.

When to Visit

Owing to its pleasant and welcoming weather, one can visit anytime during the year. However, from December to March is considered the best period to take a trip to this wonderful place.

How to get there

Sagar has its own railway station called Sougar Railway Station which is the closest railway station, besides the bigger Bhopal station. Sagar is also serviced by two airports, Bhopal and Jabalpur, which is about 145 km away. From there, one can board a local train, bus, or book a taxi to reach Sagar. In addition, bus and taxi services are also available from the major cities of Madhya Pradesh to Sagar.

Where to Stay

There are several places to stay. Hotel Devyog, Hotel Vardaan, The Crown Palace, Hotel Royal Palace, and Hotel Sagar Inn are some of the popular places to find an abode during a sojourn in Sagar.



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